Endo suggestions in So S.F Bay area

Hi All,
I fired my endo today. Walked out of his office. He gave me an ultimatum that if I took any advice from a diabetes educator that I would have to choose between him and her. That’s the main part of the argument, but there was a lot more idiocy from him, including him calling her technuques “Voodoo”. I told him I would be finding a new doctor immediately and walked out. I was livid

He was really upset that I took it upon myself to get approved and order the Pod and get trained on it.

Sooo, If you have a great endo in the San Jose area down to Gilroy I would like to hear about them. I suppose i have to find one within my HMO, but thought i would put the call out.

Thanks for being a great support group.

Wow, good for you! My son is still seeing a Peds Endo so I have no suggestions for you. I just wanted to congratulate you for demanding the standard of care you wanted.

Hi Newfer,

Could you provide some examples as to the techniques suggested by your DE the your endo was opposed to? I am not suggesting you did wrong, I fired my retina specialist five years ago but I had all my records in hand and had already pre-registered with a new retina specialist before hand. So the move was seamless. It seems odd that an endo doesn’t have an in house DE or at least refers you to one. I’ve never had an endo that didn’t.

Good luck

He’s the kind of doc that has the attitude “My Way or the Highway” and frankly i never understood is way of doing things anyway. My DE just does things simpler and explains things in human terms.

I think that was the point with him. He doesn’t believe in having an in house DE and was ticked that I found one on my own. He thinks its competition for some reason.

Sounds like a control freak power junkie!

Fired a very reputable Children’s Hospital that we started my son’s care with for the exact same reason… and… have thanked God every day since. You did the right thing.

Thank you to everyone who responded. I’ve not found a new endo yet, but still looking.