So I'm finally get a new doctor!! My appointment is on the 25th and I'm hoping this guy will actually listen to me unlike the other guy.. all I want is a referal to see an endo! Isn't it important for a diabetic to see an endo? So Other news...I got a call from medtronic and all they are waiting for is one paper from my "old" doctor...surprise surprise...i bet he lost it or forgot it... *sigh* I did let them know though that I'm getting a new doctor..so we shall see how this goes...have to get my A1c done in july and I'm actually excited about it..I want to see how much lower my number has gone since getting on the pump.. in April I believe it was at a 10 so.... thats that!

I've had a couple bad docs in my days. Fingers crossed your new one is golden.

Hi Shayla,

I am happy that you are seeing a new doctor. I hope you your new physician will agree with you and refer you to an endocrineologist. Ysually, when a pump is involved, Internal Medicine people really don'[t want anything to do with pumps because they are a complicated specialty, and your best interest is met by an endo/CDE team.

I hope Medtronic treats you as well as Animas has treated me through the process. You will probably need to see an endo/CDE team and they will, no doubt start over the Medtronic paperwork. that's okay, just be patient (no pun intended).

Please keep us informed of your progress.

Be Well.

Brian Wittman

i got rid of my cardio doc got a new one that will listen to me and answer my questions thank god!!