Endocrinologists for Type I in the Twin Cites (mpls)

Any recommendations on good endocrinologists for a female young adult in Minneapolis?

I go to the Endochrinology Clinic of Minneapolis which despite the name is in Edina. It is a large group but they have great support staff and really get things done. By that I mean if you order a pump and something needs to get submitted to Medtronic, it gets submitted today or tomorrow not next week or next month.

I see Dr. Rebecca Mattison and like her just fine. She supports me in my self management of my diabetes and does not micro-manage me. I assume that if I needed more help, she would be glad (and able) to give it.

Are you new to the Twin Cities or just endo shopping?

I suggest going to look for a diabetologist. It is a sub specialty of Endocrinology,

I have one in Los angeles. So that is not much help to you, but I found the Diabetologists are a better bet. I am sure There would be one in the twin cities. That is a large enough metro area.

Dr. Alexis Forsberg at Health Partners specialty center in st. paul! she's a nurse endo but is AMAZING! Also Dr. Lafave ( also a woman) at Park Nicollet International Diabetes Center in St. Louis Park :)