Endo In Los Angeles

I am looking for a new endrochronologist in the Los Angeles area that treats adults with a type 1 diabetes. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Where in Los Angeles?

“endo”. :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,
Anywhere is fine. If they are good I don’t mind driving

Thanks for the spell check :grin:

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If u know the way to San Jose, I can recommend one. :slight_smile: And only one. I’ve seen a number of them around here that I can’t stand due to either their utter ineptness or clinic issues like chronically running 2-3 hours late for appointments.


San Jose is a bit far , but I will take the name just in case I run into the same issues as you.

Thank you

Anne Peters is AMAZING!

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Dr Roger Lerner, hopefully he is still practicing. I cannot recommend him enough. He is at Ceders-Sinai and is the real deal.

I used to see Dr. Wasima Masoodi in Torrance when I lived in LA and she is one of the only endo’s I’ve had and LOVED. The first time I experienced a pump malfunction in the middle of the night and shot up to over 500 her partner was on the phone with me helping me problem solve it so I didn’t have to deal with Medtronic technical support. Her office was also located near a really great Hawaiian restaurant called The Loft back when I saw her. That was about ten years ago so I don’t know if that’s still the case.

East LA area or?