Endocrinology Day - oh joy

Since I had the islet transplant in Chicago and I live in Michigan I essentially have two endocrinologists. I see the one here for my thyroid and the one in Chicago for diabetes/transplant related issues.

In 1990 I had a partial thyroidectomy because I had a follicular adenoma. Out came the left half of my thyroid. Tumor benign. All was good. And then I had the transplant and a hematoma on my liver. (can you say ouch boys and girls?) the hematoma was initiall from a bleed druing the transplant and then I tripped on a wire and fell on my face/stomach or as my Dr likes to say, I fell on my liver and re-injured it. Soooo, they did a ct-scan. Ok, they did many ct-scans! but this one accidentally scanned my thyroid too and caught another tumor.

January of this year I had the right half of my thyroid removed. Everyone figured it would be the same type adnoma however it turned out to be papillary carcinoma. Since the tumor was small (5cm), well defined and already removed there was really nothing left to do. Diagnosed and cured all in one day! yay.

Anyway, my local endo is now managing my thyroid issues but not my diabetes. He’s kind of hyper. I like the man but being in the room with him is kind of like being inside a pinball machine. I’m the bumper. He;s the ball. bing bing bing bing! ieeee! Every endo I’ve seen has kind of been like this, including the one in Chicago. I think they’re all nut jobs! Today he jumped up on the exam table with me so he could palpate my thyroid, or lack there of and I was like woooah, hello! lol

What did he have to say? Nothing really. my A1c was 6.2 (I had to fill in the little bubble on the lab sheet for that one - I wonder if my insurance company has any idea how many lab tests they’ve done that I’ve added to lab orders myself lol) Everything else was normal except for Vit. D. it was 22 with the lower level of normal being 30. I now get one more pill to swallow. 50,000 IU once every other week. And now I have research to do to find out what exactly vit. d deficiency is…