Amazing news

so today i made a trip to the endo’s office.

since the last trip involved a lesson on insulin injections and glucose testing by the diabetes nurse, this trip was pretty much enlightening.

first up was the awaited/dreaded (depending on how i want to look at it) HbA1C test. so the lab tech poked my finger with a lancet, nothing new, then collected a wee bit into this vial and stuck it into a machine. maybe 10 minutes later, the nurse came back with great news for me…

5.4%, baby!

i’m still pretty darn amazed that within 2 and a half months of getting diagnosed, i’ve gained pretty excellent control. that makes me want to do even better, and it compels me to want to love myself and my health much more than ever.

blood pressure and pulse were great. i dropped a kilo, and i think its time to pay homage to my trusty cross trainer and start hitting a gym for some strength training on top of my daily cardio workout.

my endo’s a wonderful woman. she might come across as pretty stern or heavy handed, but really i think she does that because she wants the best quality of life for her patients. she’s finally ordered me a c-peptide test which i’ll go for next week, along with a full-blown diabetes annual. i’ll get my cholesterol levels checked, a renal panel and an albumin test. the last one’s just because my protein levels were extremely low when i was in hospital and she just wants to make sure its all good now.

she did mention something about metformin, but i’m on insulin shots till i see her again in five weeks. this makes me suspect even more that i might be a type 2. and she actually hopes i have type 2 diabetes. i wonder why, honestly. we’ll see what the c-peptide results are. but personally i think if i had type 1 diabetes, such remarkable bg control may not have been so possible and my dosage of insulin wouldn’t have been consistently cut. but i am no doctor and neither am i a medical student so i should just shut up and stop thinking about it (even though i cannot will myself to do that).

she told me that she has another patient who was exactly like me. that patient is now a medical doctor. she said that to encourage me.

so i don’t have answers to the diabetes type mystery that surrounds me. but i do know that i’m getting a good hang of all this stuff, and i shouldn’t worry so much. even though i currently think i might have high cholesterol levels. diabetes couldn’t bring that patient down. and i’ll make sure it doesn’t win my battle.

Yay for good news!

Congrats! Sounds like you’ve really got a handle on things, plus I think your motivation is contagious.

thank you!! if i have to have diabetes, the very least i can do is to not let it paralyse me. i’m too young for all this and i intend to fully enjoy my youth and the rest of my life. :slight_smile:

You’re an interesting case! :slight_smile: No matter what you’re taking great care of yourself and that’s awesome! Please keep us posted - I’m very interested. I hadn’t read this blog post - was just responding to your post on my page and happened to spot your A1C. ha! I am drawn to those great numbers! lol Then I read your blog entry. Congratulations!!!