Endos in Alaska?

No Endos in JNU, so it seems I might have to travel.
We have one visiting Endocrinologist, but he’s always very swamped. I feel rushed and a bit of an imposition, I guess.
Could anyone recommend a good Endocrinologist in the Northwest? I tried a woman in Seattle last summer - I thought we’d arranged for tests and a CGM during my 1 week visit, but, when the long awaited appointment finally arrived, we just talked for about 15 minutes - then she wasn’t available again while I was there.


'Been diagnosed as a T1 for 4 years now and I’ve only had 3 Endo appointments - all seemed "preliminary."
Would love to find a good match and start keeping decent records, trying new things, etc… with an expert “team-member” on my side.

Anyone seen Koval in Anchorage, or think OHMU in Portland is the bomb/a drag…

I once scheduled a hair appointment during a trip to Seattle based on “good Reviews” on the internet, and that proved to be a bad move. I can only assume all his friends and family plugged the internet with fake reviews right before I did my “search” -
How does one go about shopping for an Endo?

You just need to be persistant and resourceful. First, perhaps you can get much of what you need without an endo. Or you might even consider working with a local doctor accessing an endo remotely. That being said, there is at least one endo in Juneau

Samuel Abbate, MD
Endocrinology, Internal Medicine
Bartlett Surgery and Specialty Clinic
3225 Hospital Drive, Suite 101A
Juneau, AK 99801

You should also look into the Southeat Alaska Regional Health Consortium.

It can be hard to find a good endo, even if you live in a huge city.