Recommendation for Boston-area Endo


I just moved back to Boston from DC and sadly had to leave my amazing endo there. Does anyone have any recs for great people up here. I use Dexcom and Tslim X2 and really want someone who can be my partner and who won’t speak down to me. I don’t bother going to see doctor’s who lecture or try to scare me- it’s not worth it. Also, I’m in pretty good shape so I really just need someone as a safety net :).

Thanks ahead of time!

Hi Anna,

I don’t think my endo at the Joslin - Richard Beaser - is taking new clients but if he is, he’s excellent. I’ve found just about everyone that I’ve worked with there to be good and willing to work with patients as partners. If you have to just jump into a practice without a specific name, it’s a practice I’d strongly recommend.


Hi Anna,

This might be too late, but I have a wonderful endo at Mass Gen, Enrico Cagliero. My fav endo of all time was in DC so I know what’s it like to move around and need to find one with the credentials and reputation you can trust. I have another great one in Southern California. The best endos specializing in T1 (or those who treat a large number of T1s) are tough to find yet worth the time to fully research. Hope you’ve found one!

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I go to joslin. I see dr mitzner there. he is good. ive been a patient of his since 2009. Joslin overall is good :slight_smile: