Any good Endo's in Denver Area?

I am moving soon from Montana to Denver.... I was currently told by my endo I don't really have diabetes anymore because my last A1C's have been consistently 5.2... I was diagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic after a being in a coma with blood sugar over a 1000 for 3 days... but know my doctor believes I somehow got cured and should just not use my insulin pump anymore!!!!
I am looking for a doctor who understands using low carb diets as a form of helping to control your blood sugar and doesn't try me to get a A1c of 7 just to be safe...
Anybody in the Denver area know any good docs they can recommend?

Thanks already for all your help guys!


My endo is Dr. C. Fox at Boulder Endocrinology - not Denver, but just up the Boulder Turnpike in Louisville. He is the best endo I've had - better than the ones I saw in Boston at the Joslin Center.

The Barbara Davis Center is highly regarded, and well-known. I know a couple of folks that go there (but I don't know any of the docs there).

The ADA hosts monthly 'Adult with Type 1' meetings, but I haven't been for a while. I intend to correct that soon. It's always nice meeting with other type 1's. I can't believe any doc would want you to stop using your pump....weird.


For low carb in particular, try these three

Dr. Jeffry Gerber (Littleton)
Dr. Ron Rosedale (Englewood)
Dr. Jonathan Singer (Englewood)

From this site.

Also, email Dr. Bernstein's publisher as I mentioned in your other thread.

Good luck!

Hello Christina, how high is your TDD - your total daily dosage - of insulin?

Thank you.... I will look them up to see who will be closest to me.

It usually right around 25 to 30......

While I don't live in the Denver area or have any help on the Endo front, I would personally report your current endocrinologist to the AMA or at the very least ADA before he kills someone with his treatment plan or lack of treatment plan.

30 units of TDD - including basal I suppose? My TDD is around 40 and my last A1c was 5.9. In the past I had 5.5 and with the help of the typical error margin in these tests it might have been 5.2 too. Still I am far from being cured.

You might have lost weight and fatty cells and thus you utilize insulin much better. You even might have preserved or restored some of your beta cells too. But under no circumstances your current A1c will give reason to believe that you are cured now. Your endo is indirectly expressing that he has never before witnessed a T1 patient with this kind of excellent control. Thus I think you better change your endo because with LADA patients in his medical practice he should already be familiar with this high quality of glucose control.

I highly recommend Dr. Claudia Panzer. She has been supportive of my low carb approach. Depending on exercise and fitness objectives I have ranged anywhere from 30g of carbs per day to 150.