enlite2 receiver range

Hi all,

We were going through hell with the navigator & switches to dexcom g4 privetly &we love it but unfourtunatly insurance only covers either the nav or enlite2 sensors.

We already pump with the pod& loving it so we only need the cgm part of the enlite & do not want to put another pump on her(our 2 y dd)

What do you think of the enlite2 as a cgm only? Is Anyone out there with a non mm pump +enlite2 cgm?

How about its range? We loved it when she runs around the house &the reciever can still work without chasing her or at night we can put it out of her room ...

Hows insertion painwise ?

Does it really last 6 days ? Dexcom laster at least 7(up to 14d easyz)

Can you extend it easily as the dex?

I understood enlite1 old sensor left scars &bleading after no more than 3 day ,how about the enlite2 ?

The Enlite uses the same transmitter as the old Sof-sensor. The range is short, nominally 6 feet, but in practice sometimes less than that. When I used it I often got "lost sensor" alarms at night if I turned over in bed and left the pump behind my back.

I now use the Dexcom G4 in conjunction with an Animas Vibe. However, I know a number of Enlite 2 users. It is certainly an improvement on the older version and I undertand that if you do the restart/recharge you can get up to around 12+ days out of a sensor. By comparison, I just got 19 days out of my last Dexcom G4 (and it was still running - I only replaced it because it was starting to get less accurate). I still think the accuracy of the Dexcom is greater than the Enlite 2.