Another CGM question and trying to figure out which one is best for my daughter

Hi all,

So I was thrilled to discover this week that we have coverage for a CGM, I can’t wait! But first we have to decide which one to go with the Enlite which will talk to her MedT pump, or the Dexcom.

I asked our nurse and she said something interesting… she said that the Dexcom is the only one approved by Heath Canada to dose insulin, whereas the Enlite is not, but people often do of course. But I’m confused, if we were to get a Dexcom, would it talk to our MedT pump? Or would we just punch the numbers in based on it? And of course the Dexcom has an app that we could use on our phones (assuming it works with Andriod). She says that MedT is working one on but it isn’t released yet.

I love how the Enlite would suspend my daughter’s pump for lows. Lows at night are my biggest concern with her… so that is huge it’s in favour… but from all I’ve read here people favour the Dexcom in terms of accuracy.

Bah… I feel like I’m back where I was trying to decide between which pump to use!!

Any thoughts?

I use a Medtronic pump but have a Dexcom as I was on an OmniPod when I decided to get a CGM and it was my only choice. My dad and brother are also type 1 (it’s a fun family disease) and use Medtronic pumps with enlite sensors. They seem to like them but I will say they have more issues than I ever have with the Dexcom. I can get at least 2 weeks and sometimes more out of a sensor, where as they seem to get 10 days at most and maybe 12 once in a while. They seem to have all these “calibration error” problems and things I’ve never seen happen on my Dex. Their sensors are usually accurate though when they have been off they seem to be extremely off. The Dexcom is almost always spot on and when it’s not it’s only 1-2 mmol off most of the time (and that is rare). I have the G4 but use it to dose and only check my BG twice a day when it needs a calibration since it’s so accurate. The Dexcom would not talk to your Medtronic pump, so you would have to manually enter BG every time. There is a device Medtronic makes already called connect that allows you to view your CGM date on a smartphone just like the Dexcom G5. It is only sold in the States but if you know someone with an American address you can order it, and it will work with your CGM in mmol/L!

I used a Dex when I had the Animas Vibe pump, and now have the Medtronic 630G with Enlite CGM. My observances are both are equally as accurate, although the Enlight “seems” to be moreso. Also, with Dex I remember pretty much in the first 24 hours after putting in a new sensor, to ignore the readings. It was wonky that way. With the Enlight my experiences have been it takes about 8-12 hours for it to “lock on”.

On another note, extending sensors beyond their week on the Dex was FAR easier than on the Enlite. It can be done, but its challenging.

I think in the end, theyre about equal, for the job their supposed to do, however, I prefer the Enlight ONLY because of the suspend on low feature of the 630G pump. So in short, IMHO having used both, I would feel comfortable with either.

Thanks guys. I really am leaning towards the Dexcom - just because of the ability to see my daughter’s info on my phone when she is away from me - at friend’s or grandparents. I know that there is a phone app for the Enlight, but it seems that it has to be close to the pump and that doesn’t really help!

But if we go the Dex route… and I shooting myself in the foot for not having the ‘suspend on low’ feature provided with the MedT pump? Or would it be better if I could see her numbers where ever I am? She is actually more prone to going high, so it would be awesome if I could contact her wherever she was and tell her to correct herself! :smile:

I think it depends on how bad her lows are. Suspending basal for 2 hours will take a long time to bring someone back from a low blood sugar, so I don’t think it’s that helpful unless someone is having lows that knock them unconscious or they are unable to help themselves and in that case the suspend feature would help keep them alive. Personally I don’t have lows that ever require assistance from anyone, no matter how low I am, but everyone is different. I don’t think I would even like that feature as suspending my basal would probably just lead to higher blood sugars later without doing anything for me in the immediate. I think you would be just as well off with an alert that will tell you when your daughter’s BG is low and being able to tell her to act or helping her immediately. I think the Dexcom is a more reliable and user-friendly system, and that is the most important thing.

Thanks Eric… I agree, because I know I would appreciate the alert on my phone more than the auto suspend.

That was my last hurdle, am going to contact Dexcom! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, let me know how it goes. You won’t be disappointed!

Definitely check with Dexcom re Android; the G5Mobile app is only compatible with iphone/ipad. The follow app is compatible with android but not sure whether your daughter will need to receive the data on the iphone in order for you to follow on an android.