Seven plus or Enlite, do I wait?

Im trying the Dex now, loaner from clinic. Im so excited to get on a CGMS that is actually accurate (tried MM sensor a year ago and hated). Problem is I now read about launch of MM Enlite, could be right around corner.

I wear MM 522 now, a year left on warranty. Would like to minimize the crap I stuff in my pockets and on my belt (tester, iphone, pump, camera, blah blah blah). With Dex I will also need to carry receiver, and keep within 6 feet at all times :frowning: So I figured I would get Dex and wait till Animas and Dex merge when I can get a new pump too. But if MM comes out with Enlite sooner rather than later Id rather go with one less thing to carry around. Sooooo, do I wait?

OR, would I be able to get Enlite sensors to use with 522? Would there be another multi thousand $ startup cost? Grrrr, technology is great, just wish Insurance would keep up!

Animas with Dexcom Gen4 sensor is available in Europe as well. FDA sits on both hands. It is anybody’s guess which hand they will free up first.

There’s an article in the other thread suggesting that the FDA’s big problem with the Enlite is that the > 3 day settings require the users to “override” the 3 day limit for sensors programmed into the current MM sensor software? So they won’t approve it. That, plus Blue Cross citing the FDA as saying 200 strips/ day is what I need has vaulted them to the top of my least favorite federal organization list.

The other thread is here:


I would NOT wait for the Enlite sensor. Get the technology you like’ that is available now. I am a MM522 user, and have the Dex. It can be a hassle at times with the two receiver’s, but for right now it works!

That’s a good point. I contemplated waiting for the OmniPod/Dexcom integration. It was just 6 months out. I am glad that I did not wait. Now it is 2 years later and the OmniPod/Dexcom integration is 6 months out.