Erin new to tudiabetes

Hey my name is Erin im 17 and i was diagnosed a year ago Friday at Childrens Hospital Boston. I'm still getting the hang of things but i think i've been doing a decent job. My A1C today was 5.9 today at my check up. I'm very active. I am a competitive swimmer and skiier. I live in a small town so I don't know many people my own age with diabetes so its definately comforting to know that i am not alone. It's quite isolating sometimes.

I totally agree it's very isolating! I live in a big town and don't know that many people w/ diabetes! Tu/DOC are the cure for that I think?

I'm jealous you are good at swimming. That's one thing that always kills my BG...

tu/DOC and BG? hahaha you lost me :)

Tu= Tu Diabetes
DOC= Diabetes Online Community (I didn't start here but left another site, long story...)
BG= blood glucose
AcidRock= abbreviations...

hahah ohh gotcha. when were you diagnosed?

1984, the year of our Ford…

Welcome to TuD Erin. I hope that you enjoy yourself here and find this site helpful. Childrens Hospital of the Very Best, I hear. :)

Welcome. Sounds like you're doing a little better than decent! Doing competitive sports with diabetes is a challenge and to nail your A1c while continuing to compete is a great accomplishment.


Hi and welcome. TuD is a wonderful site, great place to meet others and share information. You are definately not alone, although yes I agree it feels that way at times. I will be going on 29 years this spring with type 1 D, and I think over that course of time in person, I've known maybe 3 other diabetics, and only 1 of those 3 being another type 1. Glad you have joined.

You're not alone Erin =) Welcome to the community! Nice job on your A1C. Ive always admired people who can ski... Im horrible at it...but love to swim!

WELCOME ERIN!!!!!!!!! Ur not alone here. I was 10 when I got the diagnoses and lived in a very small town also went to a school that had 500 ppl enrolled from k-12 (talk about small LOL) oh lol is laugh out loud) U might want to check out our groups here there is a group for teens with Type 1 here if u haven't already foud it. I'm 48 now so ur young enough to be my daughter. LOL!

Welcome Erin! A real nice group here. A1C is great! Jump- in this room anytime. You will learn a lot

Haha im reading Brave New World right now have you read it?

thank you :). swimming and skiing can be rough on my blood sugar. sometimes i have to get out of the pool after about twenty minutes to binge on smarties haha but skiing is a bit easier, when i ski and run i use a camelback with kool-aid. great invention but im sure most of you have already figured that trick out

Thank you so much :)

I love "Brave New World", one of my favorite books!