Erratic values after G5 battery change

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I successfully changed the batteries in one of my G5 transmitters, voltages are good (over 300), resistance was also good (around 500), but I am noticing that the values are not as steady as they were before. Sometimes there are some erratic up and down values instead of a smooth line.

Anyone had this before after a G5 battery swap? I’ve gone through a few sensors now because values were way off, or just stopped receiving values altogether (unsure what the problem is, as sometimes even with a new transmitter I have sensors that fail on me). Without starting a new transmitter unsure how to test it further. Should I just can this transmitter and move on?

It’s likely that one of the contacts is not snug. If you look it it with a meter and set the decimal high so you can see thousands of volts. Then u can see as you move it around if the voltage is jumping around.

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Hmm okay I’ll have to check that out. It’s weird though because for roughly 3 weeks it was working perfect. I bent the top tabs so they were on the sides of the battery, pretty hard for them to be loose. As for the bottom, I had actually put a tiny bit of solder on them so that they were sticking up higher, also to make better contact.

Well, started up a new transmitter and the same thing is happening…must be a batch of bad sensors?

That could be. Check expiration and call dexcom maybe others have similar issues. U could replace em all at one time instead of waiting