Eror message

Has anyone had an Error 1 ? I was putting in 2 blodd sugars after warm up period and got this . Dex has no tech support on sunday…please help.

This is from the dexcom user manual on error 1. The screen to the right tells you that the Sensor is not calibrating
correctly. If you see this screen, wait approximately one hour. Then
you may enter at least 1 more calibration fingerstick reading. If no
readings are displayed on the Receiver, the Sensor may need to
be replaced.
i think it is a bit like the ??? error. it has always resolved itself within a few hours for us. good luck!

You can still call and talk to DexCom tech support. I think it is option 1 when you are listening through all the menu options. Stay on the line and listen…

When I had this Monday, the lady told me to just enter a calibration blood sugar then the phone disconnected. This did it for me… Good luck.

Thanks friends…I did a stop sensor , then a start. Will see how it goes. Still awaiting the 2 hours.

Dex has 24-7 support.

True, if you choose that this is an Emergency, you will be connected with someone in no time! Did it before, had a “???” on the screen! Stop-Start and test after 2hrs ;o)