Erythritol possible cause of heart attack stroke

I’m not a sky is falling kind of person, but this might be valid and important.


A sugar replacement called erythritol — used to add bulk or sweeten stevia, monk-fruit, and keto reduced-sugar products — has been linked to blood clotting, stroke, heart attack and death, according to a new study.

Link to study


Thanks for the link. I’m going to read it now.

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I saved it so my wife can use it to file litigation post heart attack or stroke. Cha Ching !!!

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I didn’t think those products were still on the market. They sort of fell out of fashion a while back, suggesting we can eat cookies cake and all the rest, but really no one should be eating that stuff regularly. If I want something decadent, I just eat it and then go back to my usual diet, but the older I get the less I’m interested. I don’t eat any sugar replace,ents

I checked Quest bars and they contain some erythritol.

Sorry, Nature requires a subscription or to buy the paper. I was using my phone when I posted that, and I did not realize.

Thanks for posting this. My brother-in-law has Type 2 Diabetes and has been eating foods containing erythritol for years. Not saying there is a connection because he has other physical and health issues, but, he also has A-Fib and a blot clot in his leg.

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Ha! Great minds @Luis3! : Erythritol, Stevia and Monk Fruit linked to high risks for heart attack & stroke

I really hate it when something like this jumps out of thin air from “medical research.” It’s a dire warning with almost nothing in terms of accessible information.

I read through the study you linked (thank you for that), and because I am neither physician nor scientific data analyst, I got almost nothing in the way of actionable intelligence for me personally.

The easy-button response is, don’t consume these products. Ok, give me valid alternatives. Abstinence is not a reasonable expectation for most people, it never has been. It’s a facilitator for despair and hopelessness in most cases.

Ok, how about limit intake? Again, by how much and to what degree given my personal medical profile? Well, talk to your doctor… eh, good luck with that. I digress.

Just another reminder that correlation does NOT equal causation.

Who are the people using sugar alternatives? Primarily diabetics and those following a low carb/high fat diet… Of which both populations are more prone to heart complications and possibly strokes (definitely in the case of diabetics, mixed/not enough evidence in the case of keto).

Making the news just means it’s click-bait worthy, not necessarily vetted by greater medical research.


@Robyn_H Very well said.