Infusion Sets "Jumping"

OK, so I’ve only been pumping for just over a week now, but I’ve already noticed an issue with my infusion sets (MiniMed Quick-Sets) - specifically how they come loose after showering. My first set simply “jumped” off my body while drying off (I admit, I may have bumped it during my shower). But with my second one, I was careful not to touch, and to gently blot it dry. The edges still “pulled up.” As it air dried, I made sure to push it back down into place and upon drying, it fully adhered to my skin, no problems from there. My third set also tried to take a jump today. Again, I made sure not to bump, nudge or coax it to take the plunge. At this rate, I’ll be changing my insertion set every day, or I’ll have to factor in a “drying time” before I can move about.

I am using IV Prep prior to inserting. With they way they are treating me, I may have to use Tegaderm or something like that if I plan on swimming this summer (I do live in Hotlanta after all).

Any thoughts or suggestions you seasoned pumpers can provide?

Huh. As as I was reading your post, the first that I thought was that you must be using just alcohol swabs and no IV prep wipes, but you said you are using IV prep, which usually glues my sets to my skin. Have you thought of switching to a different infusion set? My infusion set is almost cloth-like, and the IV prep plus the sticky-back of the set do a great job of holding it in place. An infusion set made of a different type of material may work out better for you.

Tegaderm, tegaderm, tegaderm, tegaderm!

I have never used IV Prep, just alcohol swabbed, let dry (make absolutely sure your skin is dry when you put set in), then I use a Tegaderm patch horizontally and one vertically over top of the Minmed patches. Since doing that I have not had a set slip due to perspiration, or showering (and I take the complete opposite of a cold shower).

Here’s a link to the size that I use: Tegaderm

You can usually get a script for them and they are covered (alcohol swabs, as we all know, are not).

Hope that helps,


I accidentally ordered SkinTac instead of IV prep, and I highly suggest it. Granted, I didn’t need that much glue and am reverting to IV prep on my next order, but it is like some sort of skin epoxy. Peeling the infusion set off with SkinTac on is painful, so you know that it’s attached very well.

Not trying to be too funny but it may help to shave the area to get a full contact to the skin. Just a thought. Good information though as I make plans to get a pump!

Mike, you may have a point there! All of the areas I use are hair-free either naturally or through shaving (in the case of my legs). I never considered hair interfering with the staying power of an infusion set.

When I first started using the quicksets 5 years ago, it would stick like glue with just the IV prep, and I never had an issue. Then for some reason I experienced what you are talking about, and I would then do the IV prep and then the IV 3000 tape and then the quicksets and then that worked wonderfully until about a year ago and now I am back to IV prep and just the quicksets, because then the IV 3000 was no longer sticking.

I guess what I am trying to say is try the IV prep, IV 3000, then the quickset.

My sister lives in Hotlanta as well, small world. :slight_smile:

Maybe changing the type of infusion will help. I have been pumping for about 9 years and have always used MM silhouette and have had no problems.

Thanks for the feedback! My current set has made it the three days and through the showers without pulling up. I have been placing the infusion set in follically-challenged areas. as we get into swim season I will try IV3000 or Tegaderm and see how it goes.

I had an “ah-ha” moment last night. When inserting the first few infusion sets I used “sting free” IV Prep, as opposed to the plain flavor (provided to my by my CDE). Since purchasing the plain variety, I haven’t had any issues with my sets jumping with multiple showers over the three day life of my sets.

Woohoo, glad you figured it out. I use the straight up IV Prep as well.

It is sooo much better when you don’t have to worry about the site coming out.