Ever had extreme thirst for no reason?

Okay, a lot of unusual things have happened during the past 3-4 weeks but this is one I think I’ve had a few times before but I didn’t know about this forum back then.

I know there are some open discussions I should go back to once in a while (and I will do that) but if I don’t start a new one now I might forget about this topic again.

As the title indicates, I’m extremely thirsty right now. And no matter how much I drink, my mouth just stays dry…
I have not had a high today, actually my bg dropped from 128 to 99. Since it wasn’t my bg, I checked for ketones, just to make sure (ketones in the body cause thirst). Zero.
I took my Levemir ~ 4 hours ago - and looking at my bg and the ketone result, it’s working.
I have no idea what is going on, I ran out of possible explanations.
Since it looks like there’s nothing obviously going wrong, I’ll try not to worry too much. For now.

Though what I was wondering: Do you experience this, too? If so, does it worry you? Do you just go on with whatever you are doing or do you get help? Have you ever asked a doctor/endo about it?


I don’t want to make any unnecessary calls right now, it’s 2 in the morning, and this got me out of bed.

I’ll ask my endo (if I don’t forget about it until then…) at my next appointment but she couldn’t tell from her own experience, obviously. So I’m asking those who can.

On the ketones: A low level wouldn’t have been completely impossible, I only had a bit of salad for dinner because I really didn’t feel hungry at all, I’ve had enough for lunch I guess. It didn’t have too many carbs either, though.

You could be dehydrated from something going on with your stomach. I have a protein intolerance and when I have dairy my throat gets really dry, because it messes up my stomach/gut. Or, it could simply be a virus… if you weren’t feeling hungry and that is unusual, perhaps that is all that is going on. I hope it is something that resolves soon though.

I do, and sometimes other medications could be the cause. Or that you are mouth breathing - for example if you have a blocked nose from a cold or hayfever. It can be from some other illnesses - names of which I cannot remember at the moment, but it is not always diabetes related. It could also be to do with anxiety.

I would go to the doctor. Thirst means dehydration. They say that once you are thirsty the damage is already done. Keep drinking clear fluids (no alcoholic) and get to see you doctor asap.

I haven’t thought about something else being wrong… I was too tired.

I didn’t take any additional medication, and didn’t eat anything I’ve never eaten before or I’ve ever had trouble with.

Protein intolerance? I don’t know… but I think I should keep that in mind. Maybe I really should make an appointment. I’m feeling fine now but I had to drink like a bathtub of water to get me where I am now…

There are different medicines that can cause a dry mouth. If you are hypothyroid, that can cause a dry mouth. There is also another autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome that causes dry mouth and eyes along with other things. I have an upcoming appointment with a rheumatologist to get tested for that. My mouth has been really dry for 2 years and my eyes just started in April. My BUN has also been elevated for the past 2 years.