Excel glucose tracking

I've always liked lifescan meters as a meter, but I felt their software left a lot to be desired. For many years, I have used excel to make a paper template for manual logging of my results (see the sheet named manual). A few months ago I tried logging directly into excel a few different ways, but eventually went back to almost exactly how I did it on paper. Now with the data in excel you can get some nice analysis, trending, graphs, etc.

If you're unhappy with your meter software, would like to try something different, and especially if you're inclined to tweak things, give it a try. I hope you like it.

Download Glucose 2007.xls


I can’t wait to try this out. I’ve got dozens of spreadsheets I’ve devised over the years to track and plot my data. I find it hard to manually log stuff though. I prefer to download it and transfer it to a spreadsheet to play around with. Finding the right spreadsheet format is a challenge. But it’s also one of the ‘fun’ things about this disease, if you get a kick out of manipulating data.

Thanks, Craig. I’ll give 'er a try. :slight_smile:

This looks like a cool spreadsheet. I’m going to try it.

This looks like a cool spreadsheet. I’m going to try it.

Wow. That spreadsheet puts mine to SHAME. I thought I had a good one going, but that is amazing! Color coded too! I might give this one a try before my next endo visit - and I can see how you managed to get an A1c at 6.0, great numbers! Question though - what the heck are JJBillyClub and Potbelly? Are those restaurants? Haha!

Potbelly and JJ or Jimmy John’s are both popular sandwich places in the Chicagoland area. Billy Club was the actual sandwich that had a larger volume of bread than my usual choice, the Vito.

I recently downloaded this file and I think it is great. Thank you for sharing.

I can't get it to open. Any ideas?