Excitement, Excitement, Diacrap, Sadness and Dr. Lips

Excitement #1: tomorrow I have an appointment to start up my CGM. Fingers crossed that it will help to give me some insight with when my afternoon lows start so I can figure out the correct basal. I live alone so night time lows can be really nerve racking and I hope it will help me to wake up before I get to looooooooooooooow.
Excitement #2: right after my cgm appointment I am driving down to Maryland with my mom and oldest niece to visit with my brother for Easter and vacation week. Really glad to get away from my students for a week, love them very much but they are all getting sick (ugh, germs).
This leads me to Diacrap: The last time I went to visit my brother I took my suitcase, pocketbook, and pillow. This time around I have had to add a backpack full of site changes, extra batteries, cgm stuff, extra test stripes, my extra meter, syringes, pen needles, sweet tarts encase I go low etc.... I will add an extra vial of Humalog before I leave the house tomorrow and a Lantus pen encase of pump issues. I sure hope we have room in the car for everything or I might have to strap my niece to the top of the car (hehe).
Sadness: I was going to meet up with pup when I was down in MD...... missing her a lot right now......
Dr. Lips: Congratulations to Rick who just finished writing 200 blogs on TuD. looking forward to reading your next 100 :-)


Excitement 1 and 2 are definitely exciting. Yes a sadness. I am going to MI over the weekend and will be taking my diaCrap as well. And oh yeah its Dr. Phil Lips !!!! hahahahahaahahaahaha

Have fun!

I'm missing her like crazy today. she'd be so excited to hear about the cgm and the road trip. I believe pup invented the word "diacrap" didn't she? haha. Dr. Phil Lips, lolol