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First let me start by saying. Ask your insurance about CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring). It has been a year and some companies are actually starting to cover it, yea!

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great week. I am actually beaming. I was going to write that I wish you could see my smile, but then I remember that I had photo booth and could post it (eeeks, no make up, but it is the sheer joy that matter :)). It has been very, very rough time with the diabetes this past 9 days. For those who use the Minimed Pump my basal went from about 19 (which is high for me) to 26.5 in a matter of 2 days during my trip to VT. I was high (low to high 200s) for the whole trip. Now that I am back it is dropping fast due to my return to a normal schedule and a dip in hormone levels. When I came home Sat. my basal was at 26.5, right now I am at 18.80. I keep treating the constant low (and dropping the basal) and am still hovering at 50.
I have been talking for a while now of going to Joslin’s to have someone help me who would be on the cusp of new diabetes treatments and education. After being low ALL morning (with a pup and a sleep deprived toddler pulling on me) I thought I’d get up the nerve to call MVP, my health care provider. Very sadly it is a local HMO so they don’t cover treatment outside my local area :(. I am only sad on the part that they don’t cover outside of the Hudson Valley/Lower NY region. I have been very impressed with every facet of the company and have never had a hard time with them. So… here comes the happy glee part. I asked the very friendly rep is she knew if MVP was covering the Minimed CGM yet. To my surprise and joy she said that as of a week ago they had “opened the door” and started excepting applications for approval! That I should ask my provider to send in an application and I would be part of the first group taken into consideration. YEAAAAAA!!! I test at least 12x’s a day and somedays I am doing up to 16x’s or more because of the crazy fluctuations my sugars go through due to stress and hormone levels.
This feels like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my Birthday all rolled into one. What I’d give to only test 4 times or so a day and yet get more information than I had before. I just called my endo. and am waiting for a return call. Just the hope alone makes me giddy. It is like when I first heard I was approved for the pump.
Endo. just called. I am off to call medtronic/minimed to get the paperwork started. Wish me luck :)!

Congrats. hope it all works out for you. I just got off the phone with my Insurance co. earlier about a new meter and coverage for the test strips. I guess its time to make another call. I am not on the pump yet but hope to start my paperwork for one after I visit my new Endo at the end of the month. maybe I will get lucky like you and they will start covering CGMS.

you will love the CGM - there is a bit of a learning curve - but overall, you will be high less and hopefully low less too…

YAY! congrats. So jealous!!

Good luck, as I soooo want one as well. Jealous also. :slight_smile:

Hi! We have been approved for my niece, but there is a problem with Minimed. Minimed needs a letter of authorization from the insurance company and won’t even submit a claim for the continuous monitor to the insurance company without this. Which screwed up the process for us and now we have to wait while insurance company redoes authorization process with letter. So, if accepted, make sure your insurance company gives written letter of authorization to Minimed before processing. Yes, insurance companies are starting to cover and once the Medicaid number comes in this January, you will see a lot more coverage.

Good luck! I myself am in the middle of getting my pump setup so hopefully in a few more weeks I’ll have a smile like that to display. : )