My depressed self says just stay in bed. My diabetic self says sign up at the Y for a personal trainer. I will never do it alone,even tho it won’t be cheap. But it’s about my health and quality of life. I never shop; where do you find shorts in Dec? I don’t own any Because I HATE them! Another delaying tactic to avoid the pain.

Hi Jan,
All exercise is just movement. Movement burns energy. I remember when I was diagnosed , I started out with just short walks. Took progressively longer walks and just enjoyed the scenery . When the weather was bad , I borrowed an exercise bike from my mother. I finally hung up the exercise bike after I put 10,000 miles on it. I went out and bought a treadmill . That’s what I use now . You don’t have to knock yourself out but you just have to do it.Just one step at a time. I do 30 minutes a day even if it is ten or so minutes at a time. It makes you feel so much better and I think it helps to make the medications work better too. I think of something that Mark Twain said . “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll be run over if you just stand still”. It’s all about progression ; in steps. Good luck!

When it rains , it pours doesn’t it? I found out the other day that my insurance wouldn’t cover my little trip to the wound care center. Just waiting for a bill . I wonder if they charge for the air that you breathe. lol Oh well

H ey James–I just now saw your comment!! I have a bad back & can’ even walk a block. This started 1n 2003 after surgery for a torn ACL: I just laid in bed at my parents house for a couple months. It has been weak ever since. A few brief times I was better with PT, but then I would get lazy again, & I was in pain again. I need structured help. Thanx 4 the words of encouragement; & I’m sorry it took me so long 2 get back 2 you!!