Part-Time 'Job', Full-Time Exhaustion

Diabetes is my part-time ‘job’.

I just wanted to put that out there, because with my full-time ‘real’ job, my commute, and trying to manage MDI and T2…that’s it. I have about two drops of energy left to spare.

Does anyone else experience pernicious exhaustion from trying to DO all the things that “normal” people do PLUS all the planning, counting, bolusing, weighing, measuring, learning, correcting, walking, prepping, reading, testing, testing, testing, charting, etc. etc. etc.

I imagine it will get easier eventually (???) but right now I’m crippled with exhaustion most of the time – the kind of exhaustion where your lips go numb and you can’t remember your own birthday or whether or not you already brushed your teeth.

Today’s resolution: to stop trying to do what I used to do and just do what I can after I take care of my health, because without my health, I can’t do anything at all.

Oh gosh, nighty-night. I’ve got to do it all again tomorrow!!!

It is definitely a more than full time job. Most of the time, I’m able to keep things rolling along fairly smoothly. Today was bonkers, #s all over the place. I still fit a run into a strange window of relatively normal bg which, of course, read “low” on the CGM so I overtreated it and, combined with the post-run stress from junior, my mom and MrsAcidRock all stressing me out about what should have been a very easy thing to manage sent the BG back up to bonkers levels which, of course I overtreated and am now repeating the cycle, or at least not stable enough to go to bed for another hour or tow. Oh wait, what’s this…“METER BG BY 11:11” bleeping bleeping.

I need to get a heavy bag.

Oy! May tomorrow be a better day.

I’m a CPA with a solo practice and I had to cut back the number of personal tax return clients I work with by about 20% . Part of it may be age, but a large part is effort and time required to manage my blood sugar.

Hard to imagine, but it does get easier with time. Many of the constant details become more automatic & don’t require as much mental energy. Very overwhelming in the beginning. I felt like all I did was take care of myself & how boring & dreary that was!

Hi Jean: I am sorry you are going through this! I will second what Gerri says, for me it did get much easier with time; I have my routines and they work for me. But you are also dealing with a NEW job, and that is difficult. I always say it takes 6 months to a year to feel more at ease at a new job–unfortunately, at the beginning you are under a lot of pressure to prove yourself. Anyhow, keep up the excellent self care, it is so worth it.

Ooooooo yesss! I am with you sister! I am permanently signed off work with all my ailments, but diabetes is the worst! I am shattered and find it difficult to explain to other people with high energy levels that I am not lazy but ill!

Goodness sakes, AR23, you had a time of it yesterday. I hope today goes more swimmingly!

I’m sorry to hear that others find it as overwhelming at times. Yeah, having a new job on top of everything else is making it harder than perhaps it will be. Unfortunately, I do contract work so I’m always “the new gal” and I’m always having to prove to them that I’m worth the big bucks (hello?) and I never get to stop worrying about the next contract or how I’m going to pay for my health insurance. I’ve tried with no luck for years to find a permanent job. Did I mention the economy sucks? ;0)

What I’ve had to do is cut WAY back on anything that involves time commitments outside of work and survival tasks at home: no volunteer work, no classes or clubs, no trips on the weekends with friends. I need that time to SLEEP, shop, plan, cook, SLEEP and do the mundane tasks like laundry and housekeeping that are always woefully behind because I’m barely coping with my life because I need to SLEEP. I am studying guitar, which I can fit in between naps and I do see my guitar teacher once per week, but about half the time I come straight home from my lesson on Saturday afternoon and…take a nap.


I hear you. I keep thinking that if only I could work 7 hours instead of 8, I could make it.

I guess this is why people “semi-retire”? You can only push an old war horse so hard.

I’ve never liked the idea of working from home, but it’s starting to appeal to me!!!