What do you do with all the old supplies when you get a new pump?

I recently decided to go back to the Omnipod and I noticed I have a drawer full of insulin cartridges and sets. Not to mention two old pumps. What does everyone do with their old equipment/supplies?

Look at this recent blog post about donating supplies to the victims in Alabama.

There is also a thread on this board for “Free Unused, non-expired non-prescription diabetes supplies”. It is a place to offer to trade or give away supplies you no longer need but someone else can benefit from. When I got my Ping I had to switch to the One Touch meter remote and still had an accuchek and test strips so I “advertised” on that thread. I ended up trading my Accuchek supplies with a woman who was switching from One Touch to Accuchek which worked out well for us both! If you hope to get some money for the supplies you can sell them on e-Bay or Craigslist.

i donated mine to the local diabetes education center. they use them to help people get started or with insufficient insurance.

I gave mine to my Dr for those without or little insurance

Mine either got to my physician who gives them to patients who don’t have insurance or are struggling to pay for supplies, or I give them to my CDE to either use or give to others she runs into that need the help.

I typically give it to my Endo’s office and specify it has to go to someone without insurance.

If you haven’t done anything with them yet, they can really use them in Joplin, Missouri. There’s a link here on the website for just this purpose with the address and everything. The hospital there has lost everything…so anything and everything is truly a gift.

My name is Chloe Slage and I am 11 years old. I need insets. I have an Animas Ping and my insurance no longer covers my supplies. My parents have been ordering from American Wholesale Diabetes, but if anyone has some insets for sale my family is interested in purchasing them.


I have found that as long as the expiration dates have not expired I have donated them to my diabetes educator to have some spares on hand should someone need them in an emergency. I have been in that situation and have had to rely on her so when I have changed over to a new pump and have a few extras I drop them by her office, but I always talk to her about donating them first and they are sealed in their original packaging.