Left over supplies

I have a bunch of old supplies, including some insulin pumps. Is there a site I offer them for donation? They are all out of service (D-Tron+, Cozmo, Vibe) and probably no use except as collector’s items. Thanks!

It’s not legal to donate supplies because they are prescription. I donated some to a homeless shelter that had a doctor on staff.

Those pumps are so old they really have no use to anyone. No one is going to start on a pump like that. I would take them to electronic waste.

I am going to have some Medtronic 630 supplies in sealed boxes left over too. I also have G5 dex supplies nobody wants. I do not like the waste but then we are encouraged to build up ‘spares’ and I did. And when the Dex G7 comes out, ditto. The companies should take them back and send them to countries that could use them…free, since we paid for them thru insurance or by pocket.

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Or poor folks in our own country!!


I will start ordering G7, but continue to use up G6 supplies, to end of G6 transmitter supply.

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Partners for World Health is collecting medical supplies for Ukraine. I just heard on the radio thi morning that diabetic supplies,especially insulin, are needed. You might want to contact them.

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@Ruth4 I went to the Partners for World Health site and it is one of those sites that has a very narrow content strip hard to manipulate and read. I finally found a small paragraph saying it takes ‘medical supplies’ but the focus seems to be on leftover hospital supplies. I will look around but honestly it is difficult to find even organizations that will take pump supplies. Everyone is so paranoid today about trust of strangers. And maybe rightfully so.
Insulin yes, I sent some to a “name” org in Florida once and it was over 6 months before I got a response from them that it had been received. That made me wonder if it was used.

I found this but I can not vouch for its legitimacy. And I saw several site notes saying that medical supplies are not getting into Ukraine now. Some to helping, neighboring countries, yes. It says not to respond when individuals or groups say they are sending direct to Ukraine because that is not true:
“Insulin for Life USA is actively engaged in providing relief in Ukraine, you can help someone in the global diabetes community. The items sent by Insulin for Life include insulin, test strips, glucose meters, syringes, pen needles, lancets, lancing devices, and pump supplies. Insulin For Life USA will accept several diabetes supplies and distribute them in several areas, including North America, South America, and parts of Africa. Donate insulin and other diabetes supplies by clicking here.
Again, I can’t vouch for this but I do like that they include N. America. At least it says they do! I’m paranoid too!

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Thanks for the update, Blueburd. I hadn’t done much research on the site I mentioned, just heard about it on an NPR show. The site you found sounds even better.

If there is a local diabetes camp, they may accept some items, and give to campers in need. They usually have Drs and RN on staff/volunteering at these camps.

I have given my leftover supplies to my local diabetes educator to be distributed to those pumpers in need in my local community.

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