Expired Sensor

I think I previously put this note in a wrong area.
Anyway, due to my own carelessness, I decided to try using an expired sensor. Either this or throw it out!
So far so good after 2 days.
I have safeguarded by blood testing much more frequently. I don't need to be told I should not be doing this.
Please, does anyone have experience with using an expired sensor? How expired?
Been using the Dexcom Plus for more than two years and been a healthy T1 since 1952.
Thank you

I've used "past date" Dex sensors up to six months beyond the expiration date without any perceived functional deficit. I haven't done any kind of experimentation to check this out. CGMs are not real accurate for the actual BG value. We calibrate them with instruments (BG meters) that claim no greater accuracy than +/- 20%!

I wouldn't throw away an expired sensor unless it was stored in out of range temperatures, like inside a parked car on a hot sunny day.

Six months! Wow!
Thanks, I hope we are talking about the same thing, Terry. I wasn't referring to accuracy and it's a bit confusing you brought this up here.

I only brought up sensor accuracy since that could be a likely failure mode. Sorry, confusion not intended!

Is your expired sensor still performing well?


frankly, i wonder what factor would set the expirey date:

a) oxidation of sensor element?

b) decay/oxidation of the chemical coates/filter chemical layers?

c) moisture incursuion worst case?

d) how fast and how wide is decay margin - ie 50 %

e) my cash flow is too slow?

great question, without scientific data and characteristics of environment sensor stored in one may have good margins over the official expirey margins. i have no data.

I have used many "expired" sensors. According to the call center folks at minimed, the expiration date only equates to a time when they do not need to replace them, if they fail to work. They are a little past prime, but so am I.

I would not go out a really long time from the ex date, but I never had problems with them.

The big thing is to calculate what you need and order specifically to your personal needs. If you do not order a whole 90 day supply (one every three days equals 30 sensors...) you can always order more if you need them.

Excellent remark, Jims
Please check this. I recently read a not new book on diabetes: CHEATING DIABETES by James Hersch.
His son has T1 Diabetes and his brother is Dr. Iri Hersch, Head Endon. at Washington University. He comes with incredible credentials.
Included within this book is the interesting theory of Denise Faustmen, MD: Director of the Immunobiology Laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Faustman Has been doing successful research against the normal research, for it is her investagative research which claims that it is a diabetic's immune system which is the bottom line in diabetes cure.
In other words, a change in pancreas, of any type, will not solve the problem.
She has a website.
Please check her out and respond.
Jim Devlin

Jim Hirsch's (not Hersch) book is called 'Cheating Destiny' - (not Diabetes). Just wanted to clarify. It is probably the best book about living with type1 diabetes that I've ever read, although the story about Elizabeth Evans Hughes called 'Breakthrough' was really good.

I am enrolled in Dr. Faustman's trial. She thinks an old drug that has been used as a vaccine for TB will fix our immune systems. The drug is called BCG. She has found that in non-obese diabetic (NOD) mice, when the immune system is rspaired, the pancreas begins regenerating beta cells, and since there is no autoimmune attack....well, the mice were cured. I sure hope it works in humans.


Tom, thanks for your accurate correction. I sometimes need to be more cautious.
Extremely interesting your involvememnt in Dr. Faustman's trial. I believe she was successful with stage 1 and is now working on stage 2. Is this correct?
What does your participation in her trial involve?
She is either cutting edge or dead wrong, obviously.
I have been T1 for over 60 years and remain in very good health. Diagnosed in 1952. I am more fortunate than most diabetics and I fully realize this. Last A1C was 6.3%.
Until reading about Dr. Faustman's work I had given up on ever seeing a total cure. Now I am cauciusly optomistic, provided I can live 20 more years.
Would appreciate hearing more from you.

Thank you Mr. Spock,
I'm now in my 6th day using the expired sensor.
It sure is looking like my fears were unfounded.
I have the Dexcom system.


Special thanks on the book references. I will look into.


Great. Looking forward to learning your impressions.

Hi Jim,

A frequent poster here - Brunetta - is also enrolled in Dr. Faustman's trial. I think that both she and I have only had blood drawn. I think they've taken about 4 gallons of blood from me!

If you do a search here on Dr. Faustman, you'll see a number of topics that may be of interest. I may post again in one of those topics ... there's some stuff I've gotten from her office that may be of some interest.

You are correct - she has successfully completed Phase I of the trial (that's the part that determines the safety of the drug), and is currently in Phase II (that's the part that will determine the efficacy of the drug).

I go back to Boston (for a shot, hopefully) next summer. I was supposed to go back last month, but didn't have the funds. When I enrolled in the trial, I was living in Massachusetts, so it wasn't any big deal to get to her office.

Now that I've moved back home to Colorado, it is a little more difficult to get back there. I hope I can continue in the trial.


Hi Tom, it would certainly be more than inconvenient to travel from CO. to MA. and back just to give blood. Is it possible to have blood drawn at your neighborhood clinic and they transfer it @ Dr. Faustman's expense?
This shot you mentioned sounds like it is very interesting. What is the purpose of this?
Not satisfied with the site I have for Dr. F.
I'll try to locate better.
I'd sure appreciate any info. on this trial, now and as it progresses.