Eye Doctor

I've seen the same practice for my eyes since I was four years old. I've gone there at least once a year for almost every, single year since then. They never took our insurance, but suddenly my father cares about that, so he's making me switch.

I don't have any real eye problems other than a wicked astigmatism, a rather bad allergy to some lens solutions, and a minor allergy to some contact lenses. For the most part, I go in, get my eyes dilated, and leave.

My question is, now that I'm looking for a new eye doctor, should I be looking for someone who may be better with diabetic eye problems? I have a few potentials, and I was wondering if anyone here chooses their eye doctors with future retinopathy in mind.

My situation is a bit different from yours, since I have major eye problems (retinopathy of prematurity, cataracts, nystagmus). I used to see a general ophthalmologist but then decided about ten years ago that I wanted to see a retinal specialist, so I switched. I think a retinal specialist would be more likely to be able to spot problems early and treat them competently. I am worried that, because I already have extensive retinal damage, any new changes from diabetes might be hard to spot by a doctor who isn't experienced. Also, it means that when I do need treatment (like a few laser treatments I needed last year) I can get them done right in the building where his office is, since all the equipment is there.

I left my long time eye doc before I knew I had D for the way she handled my dry eye. She told me nothing was wrong, I didn't need antibiotic ointment etc. - I had some sort of conjunctivitis which turned into severe dry eye. She said to use baby shampoo to wash my eyelids- the worst thing I could possibly do. I eventually found someone who specializes in dry eye who diagnosed that I have ocular rosacea, by that time I had a lot of inflammation and required steroid drops. Another reason I left was that I overheard her talking to another patient who was worried about something, it seemed to me she basically blew him off so I decided she wasn't a very good doctor unless your eyes were perfectly fine.

Then the partner of my current regular eye doc, near where I live, failed to diagnose D when my eyes suddenly went from 20/20 to 20/70 with astigmatism. A simple blood chem would have shown it was caused by high bg. I have only gone to retinologists and my eye doc here since then. I will be going back to my dry eye doc soon most likely since he is better than my normal doc out here who predicted my eyes would not improve much after dka- his partner was the one who could have diagnosed D.

Anyway, yes, definitely research someone who knows about D. That is what I did. I found someone who works for a diabetes clinic but then ended up changing to someone else at his practice due to the appointment time who had a great resume and who also specializes in diabetic retinopathy and other similar areas.

I would look for a young doctor around ten years of practice maybe less that has the capability of doing the New digital retinal photography. They will be up on all of the latest technology and be able to set a photographic bench mark to compare your future visits.