Eye & feet/leg problems

I have had Type 1 for 34 years. In 2008 I had cataract surgery on my right eye. The vision was great for 2 weeks then it got worse. Now sometimes I see good and other times it is like there is a haze over my right eye and I can’t see. When they replaced the lense in that eye they corrected it to 20/30 and my left eye is 20/50. So the vision is so different in each eye that my eyes don’t focus together. Lately I have been having trouble seeing out of my left eye ( my good eye ). I went to the eye dr and they are trying to find a contact that will allow me to read well enough so I can work. I am a nurse and I need my vision to do my job. My vision changes from week to week. I went to the eye dr Monday and they said my vision changes from 1-4 lines different each week. This is very frustrating. The eye drs assistant said that they may not be able to ever correct my vision well enough to read. I am also having more trouble with my Neuropathy. The pain is worse than it has ever been. It’s in my legs now; not just my feet. I now have the burning & tingling and before I just had pain. In 2007 I had nerve release surgery in my left foot/leg. This surgery did not work. I still have the pain. I had to go off my pump about 6 months ago due to no insurance so I couldn’t afford the supplies. My blood sugars are so aradik