Eye Patch - Anyone?

Since my vision in my left eye is so bad after all my laser and surgery, I can only see lights and well lit areas, but it’s like looking in a crazy funhouse mirror. Especially at the computer or watching TV I have to always squint my eye (which causes headaches). Anywho, I am considering an eye patch but was wondering if I wear one constantly, will my eye atrophy? If I go blind in my right at least I could see something now and then out of my left, but I don’t want what vision I have in it to get worse. Anybody?

Hello Jonathan. I am a mother of a diabetic son. My son’s vision in his left eye was doing the same thing as yours until he completely lost vision. I would hear him talk of similar things that you are experiencing with your eye. I would even walk in the room when he was using the computer and find him with his hand covering the eye so as not to be bothered.

He became blind in his left eye. Was blind for two years before things got even worse this summer. His blind eye became very painful and red. Had to put ice packs on it most of the time to help with pain. Finally the eye doctor referred us to another specialist who then talked about eye removal surgery. Only last resort with an eye that doesn’t function and is painful. My son had a hard time coming to that decision at first. Then he grew tired of being in all that pain and decided to have the surgery. It’s been about 4 weeks now. Doing much better. At 6 weeks they’ll make him an appointment with their occularist(sp?) for a prosthetic eye.

I wish you luck with your eye. Take good care of your diabetes. Your good eye depends on it.