Eye site loss

I know im jumping to conclusions but my daughter told us today that the board at school is fuzy. She was diagnosed with Diabetes a year and half ago at the age of 6. Is it possiable the diabetes is the cause for her eye site degrading? I would have guessed it would have take a lot longer for that to occur. Anyone experience it?

Before you leap to assuming she has retinopathy, have her eyes checked. Both my kids needed glasses at her age. It could just be that she needs glasses.

I agree with BSC, I would take her for an eye exam. It might not have anything to do with diabetes.

I had diabetes for about 14 years before having eye problems. I did have laser surgery for retinopathy and years later had cataract surgery. I just use OTC reading glasses.

I started to wear glasses when I was 9. Some young kids just need glasses. Have her checked out by the eye doctor. Should be done anyway to make sure things are fine.

I agree with the previous posters...more likely to be she just needs glasses.

Hyperglycemia can (temporarily) shift the focus of the lens and cause blurry vision, but it has to be sustained for awhile.
If her blood sugars are under control, it's probably not that.

My vision had started getting blurry before I was diagnosed and was one of the clues that something was wrong (in addition to weight loss, thirstiness, dehydration ,etc) It went back to thje way it was before after I got on insulin.

thanks for all the reply's. I have 2 kids and for some reason my daughter with diabetes always is the one that must go thru all these issues.

I blame it on bad luck!

Another issue is Astigmatism. This is a (can I say?), common eye problem which causes blurriness. Babies and Children and Adults are dxd. with this condition. Usually glasses, contacts and laser treatments after about age 21 or when the eyes settle, are used. There was a discussion on this forum I believe, where it was somewhat discussed. I hope that your little Girl just had a higher blood sugar for a while which caused the blurriness. I do not think it is Retinopathy either. Best wishes to your Daughter and your Family.

I agree with Kelly. :[

Have your kid run, not walk to see an opthamologist (not just any eye doctor). You don't want to mess around with diabetes and eye sight.

I seriously doubt that this has anything to do with her having type 1 diabetes. Fuzzy distance vision usually manifests itself around that age. Also, a year or two of having diabetes will not likely result in any eye complications. Retinopathy takes years to develop and generally has no symptoms (they just see it in an eye exam, at least that was the case with me).

Its best to have her eyes checked first...
Ive had bad eye sight (myopic with astigmatism) at a very young age too. but it was only first diagnosed when I went to formal grade school at age 7. I couldn't see the board as well and reading was very difficult. In pre school, my Mom thought I just love my Muppet Shows explaining why Im just a few feet from the TV. At that time, nobody really knew everything for me was a blur...

One thing to keep in mind - if her BGs are fluctuating a lot, that could cause periodic episodes of blurry vision (due to the sugar passing in front of the eyes when her BGs are high, or for other reasons when she's low). I know my vision is very prone to fluctuations along with fluctuations in my BGs. If her eyes are consistently fuzzy and her BGs are fine, it's most likely just run-of-the-mill nearsightedness. Either way, DEFINITELY take her to get her eyes checked as soon as possible.