I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this. For the last week I just noticed when I am in a very bright area like at work there are 2 windows in the office i am on a computer all day i noticed when i blink a small white mark not all the time though only in bright areas or occasstionally when i bend down to pick something up. My vision is fine i have floaters I have had them a long time and granted they to are more pronounced outside or in a bright lite room. But I have not noticed the small white mark before and only when i blink and not all the time. Has anyone else experienced this. I just had a eye exam in january it was fine my doctor just retired so I would have called her. I am not sure if I should be alarmed or this is normal and has happened to others?


I have had that,but I see “yellow”. My eyes are okay. Only happens once in awhile. ??
I have never mentioned it to the eye doctor,always seem to forget about it, and it doesn’t happen very often.

It has happened to me and my eye doctor said dry eyes caused it even if your eyes don’t feel dry.

If it is dry eye, I strongly suggest getting tear duct plugs. I had them put in about a year and a half ago. My eyes are SO much better now. I only had the lower ones done, but it has helped.

Audrey, just wondering, when was the last time you saw a retina specialist? I go once a year.

Sorry for the late response I was just to see my opthalmologist in january 2009 i go once a year?