Ez Manager data transfer

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has the EZ manager max IR accessory kit that allows you to transfer your records and food data base to and from your computer and pump? I was trying to find out how to get it but it is not anywhere on the animas website (that I can find). I have a Ping and the software cd was included, but I was told the actual IR accessory kit would have to purchased seperately. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one from?

Thanks for the help

mine came with my 2020

it’s the

ACT-IR204UN USB to Raw SIR Serial Adapter $80.00



for the 2020

you should be aware it takes a lot of work to make it work with anything newer than xp. i never did get it to work with vista so when i got a new computer i rolled back to xp. i hear there’s no support for windows 7 at all.
oh, and my doctor recently convinced animas to give her one so she could keep reading pumps. every time my doc needs a cable for themselves or patients they just threaten not to prescribe that product anymore and the sales rep comes up with one. that’s how i got the cable for my one touch meters

Mine came with my ping. The food database is in the meter remote and a standard USB mini D cable will work with the meter remote. I am surprised the IR dongle did not come with your pump.

Mine was included with my Ping also. I had to call to get the software and I am not sure if it was in the Ping box or the software box, but I did not pay extra for it. I would call Animas back and question why you have to pay for it when other people had it included with their Ping.

I have 2 of them you can get them through Animas Corporation The phone number is 877-937-7867 They will send you one…

Thanks for the replies. Darlene, will they charge me if I call them? I have no idea why they did not include the IR accessory kit, but it even says on the website that it is not included with the ping. Does not seem to make a whole lot of sense to me…

I just pulled my stuff out and mine was in the box with the software. The Ez Manager Software box was labeled with “kit contents.” I had to call Animas to get my software - it was not in the box with the Ping.

They should not charge you for that it is supposed to be in with your ping kit…

I got one with my kit

My download cable for the pump was with the EZ Manager software which didn’t come with the kit but was free from the Animas Store for new Pingers. I did have to pay $5 for shipping. I also got a free skin.

The cable to download the Ping itself came with the pump and Ping. I haven’t played with the food data base so have only downloaded the pump so far.


I really don’t understand that because I had one in my kit…

Did you get yours straight from Animas or thru a supplier? Mine came from a supplier and had a sheet of paper to call about the software. I also had a coupon for a free skin but I had to call to get both.

Yes I got mine from Animas they brought it to my doctors office…

I bought the skins for my pump and meter

I am thinking they might pack them differently. I saw someone else before say their software was in with the stuff they got also. I know other people didn’t get it. How long have you had your pump? I just got mine in June so they could have changed how they do it also.

Are you sure you have the EZ Manager software or is it the Ping DVD that was in the box?

I have the EZ Manager sotware

I didn’t mean you, I meant Spenser since his was a new setup. Sorry!

Okay Im sorry if I upset you

You didn’t upset me! We all read stuff wrong sometimes - don’t worry about it!