EZ Manager and computer upgrade

Hi all,

I recently had a total meltdown on my computer and they started from scratch and of course my EZ Manager software has to be reloaded.

I was running Windows Vista and had the Vista EZ Manager software.

Presentl I am running Windows 7. I was going to upload my EZ Manager and the first thing that came up in the dialog box a bunch of Vista stuff.

I had real pains initially getting my EZ Manager to work with the software and finally figured it out.

Can anyone tell me if the Vista CD works with Windows 7 or do I have to contact Animas. Has anyone installed the Vista EZ Manager software to Windows 7.



I just got a new computer and was told, by Animas support, that EZ Manager will not work on Windows 7. That was about 3 weeks ago. They said they were working on it, but currently the software doesn’t work on Windows 7 machines.

Which EZ Manager are you using. Max or Old version (EZ Manager or EZ Manager Max)?

Max should work on any windows since it is java application, only problem could be driver for cable (for pump communication). If your cable is recognized by W7 and you have Max it should work (at least from technical point of view).


I’m so glad I’m following this discussion. When I spoke to Animas support they didn’t mention any alternative to the Windows 7 issue I was having. Thanks for the info. perhaps our problem will be solved as well.

Hi Andy
I decided to go for it. I have EZ Manager Max and had so many problems with the doggle with Vista but everything worked fine on W7.
I was able to download the pump and meter info with no problem.
Just a helpful note to all: I have a mousepad that has a black non- slip surface on the back. When I do my sync with the IR and the pump I will flip the mouse pad over place both units on the black non stick surface of the mousepad. This has worked great - its got a dark surface to allow the IR to find the pump better and it prevents the unit from slipping.

It seems that most hardware works better on W7 than on Vista… I had some problems on Vista with my RS232-USB converter (it uses same hw than for example cable used to get data from your pump) and it also installed on W7 without problems (and without correct drivers). So we/you must be in luck ::grin::


Hi Andy,

Would you be generous enough to share how you went about getting your ez manager to work on W7, I was given the run around by animas and that it didn’t support W7 currently and since they are publicly traded co…they can’t share any release date. On that note I haven’t used my machine to the best of it’s capabilily.

Any info would help…like baby steps thanks again.

I too would like to know how to get my Ping Pump to work with Windows 7. Several months ago I called Animas about it, but so far nothing, no driver.


From the discussion EZ Manager Windows 7 under Type 1 Diabetes Forum it was reported that the driver for the cable to make EZ Manager Max work under Windows 7 can be found at http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31. It is not supported by Animas, but when my daughter got a new laptop with Windows 7 installed, I installed EzManager Max on it with the new driver and I was able to download my son’s pump data. Since it is not supported by Animas, you are on your own.

Just want to let you know that with the updated driver, EZ Manager Max works perfectly running under Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit addition. I’m not sure if this applied under Windows XP, but it will only work using an administer account, not a standard account. Under a standard account, it says it reads the pump and meter ok, but can’t generate any reports.

Forget what I said about not running in standard mode in Windows 7. When my hard drive was failing, I backed up the entire EzManagerMax folder and then copied it back when I got a new hard drive. I just reinstalled the program and in works in standard user mode.

1/7/11 - Just talked to Animas and was told that Win7 can’t run the EZ Manager software, and because it’s a medical device that’s regulated by the FDA, who knows when it will be done and approved. So, are people able to run it or not? I am lost in the wilderness without the ability to check in via EZ manager every week or so.

Hi !

Max is java application so it should install anywhere… Problem would be communication with pump. As I have seen here, some people have posted link (it seems that cable has PL 2303 chipset) to drivers.
I know they are not “supported” by Animas, but you are not installing software on pump, but just on your computer, so FDA has nothing to do with this… This is just lame excuse that Animas has…
Download driver and if it works, then life is good… grin… worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work. Max won’t permit incomplete or bad data to be received, so there is no problem… Like I said, it work or it doesn’t.


Pump is medical device, your PC isn’t, so it ISN’T regulated by FDA.

You might have problem running standard EZ Manager though. Max should work.

Now that driver for cable/adapter is also available, whole package should work.


I just received my EZManager software for my new Ping. I briefly looked at the instructions and it referred to options for Windows 7 as well as Vista and of course Mac’s. I have Vista and am not the most technical person in the world, so when I try to install it in the next couple days I’ll probably be heading back to this post for help! I’ll let you know how it goes. Honestly, I don’t understand half of what is written in this thread…lol. But after a brief peek at the basic food lists in the meter already…I don’t eat “cans of this” and brand names of that. I’m definitely looking forward to making a custom foods list with the EZ Manager.