Face like a Klingon's backside

Shaving has always been the bain of my life not the process of shaving cutting yourself but the soreness afterwards I noticed that after getting diabetes my face became more sore no this is not a scientific observation just my own experience so do not quote me on that,I have tried all brands of after shave soothing balm baby lotion you name it during my forty six or so years putting blade to skin I did not find anything that really helped, I believed the garb spawned by shaving companies famous tennis payers or soccer players dab it on there baby like skin, but browsing the net last week I came across witch hazel no not a prevention against witches so I tried it and I have to agree my face is less red less sore the wife bought me Boots tea tree and witch hazel the article on the web said just witch hazel but knowing my wife she had to ask the chemist so instead of a few pence she got me day and night tea tree with which hazel never rely on a shop keeper to sell you the cheapest brand Like buying insurance they have to sell you the all singing all dancing one with bells on it,by the way it is still chucking it down with rain here OK for ducks but the poor robins sparrows blue tits are having a good soaking, smudge is well out of it stretched out on our bed in-fact sleeping on my pillar have to change it later, could do with forty winks myself, all this exercise is tuckering me out,anyway back to the face I get a lot of sores in my nose hope you are not eating right now if you are sorry for being so crude,the doctor tells me it is due to too much sugar in my blood can anyone out there confirm his findings.

Quite here just the rain making itself known tapping the window as it falls to the ground,post person nearly said post man bad habits die hard put the post through the letterbox at 8am yesterday it was 2pm,birthday card for my Angel that reminds me I have to get her one she will not say anything but the look makes me feel guilty,my face is smooth like a Klingon's backside, nearly dinner vtimecwonder what delight the wife has put me up yesterday I broke two plates and a cup trying to wash up shhhhh let's keep it quite.

Well folks time is getting on my tummy is getting hungry gurgling away see you all soon Twiddlemthums

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel great combo and both help fight infections. Need to try that for shaving Don’t mind shaving my head but I hate shaving my face.