Some Saturdays are like that

Had tea insulin and dropped needle into a sharpsafe box which is nearly full 3 injections a day it soon mounts up,have a chesty cough if it is not one thing having a go at my fragile body it is another, somedays I wonder how my body copes with it all I know for sure my brain suffers trying to deal with one cold cough after the other,spell checker not working my lappy Aspire 5630 in sympapthy for me is having a minot mental breakdown,smudge is sleeping on the window ledge the wife and daughter are in the living room wonder where that name came from someone will tell me I suppose,the wife is doing our eldest daughter feet it is about time someone did the wifes feet or took her for a massage hair do or have her face made up sorry ladies no idea what you call it even to have her nails done by an expert.

Along with the cough is a sore throat it never rains just pours,today has been one of those busy days for the wife not so much for me,I have a headache but that is all in my head, legs feet nose cold even sitting here in a warm room how does that work,who thought of that poor circulation,one thing diabetes does despite all the meds is single you out as someone who no matter what they do still have cold extremities, do all diabetes suffer from this would standing on my head for a while send more blood rushing to my legs and feet, just thinking about it gives me a headache,our youngest grand daughter is doing head stands spining around until she cannot stand up anymore and here I am feeling faint if I stand up to fast,things ain't waht they use to be one day I guess I will take a pill or a nanobite and it will solve all my medical and psycological problems in one go,please do not tell me about my spelling no idea what is up with the spell checker.

Short of breath pain in my chest time to go and rest, so for now keep warm keep safe keep sane

Hope you are feeling better!

I have always cold feet and hands. These year even in boiling summer temperatures. So I guess it is the diabetes that messes with circulation.