Factors That Affect Blood Glucose?

I find it hard to believe that we will ever know the exact amount of factors that affect our blood sugars. As always, Adam Brown does a great job in this article.


Did he mention moon phases?

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My cat’s choice of “beds” for his nap seems to affect mine! :wink:

It’s amazing how many things affect blood glucose levels. It’s what makes dosing insulin complicated. Static formulas like insulin to carbohydrate ratio, pump basal rates, and duration of insulin action are simply not enough to do the job comprehensively.

The 42 factors that Adam Brown lists do not affect every metabolic situation on every day. Blood glucose levels respond to a dynamic environment. That dynamism is at the heart of Ponder’s Sugar Surfing system. It’s also central to the automated insulin dosing systems currently appearing, both commercial and do-it-yourself.

These 42 factors make insulin dosing just as much an art as it is a science.

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