Failure....I think not!

Sometimes it disturbs me when I see members who feel they have failed. It disturbs me because there is no failure in diabetes; failure only comes when we give up. As long as we strive to do what is necessary we have not failed.
Some Type 2s feel that to go on insulin will be a failure, but it’s not a failure it’s an escalation of the battle. I am a long term Type 2 who is fully insulin dependent, in the minds of some I am a failure because I have to take insulin, I beg to differ. I was losing the battle before but now I’m doing what is necessary. It doesn’t matter what I have done in the past because I’m now striving to win. That’s not failure in my book.
My personal experience is only one example, there are all kinds of perceived failures out there. If you feel that have failed because you have not met some goal or haven’t overcome some mental obstacle, be it fear or anything else, you have not failed as long as you are seeking to improve. That is my definition of winning.

Well said my friend. Thank you for the words of encouragement

Good for you Stemwinder. I like your attitude. The body fails not the person inside the vessel. Diabetes requires whatever treatment is called for to keep us all healthy for as long as possible. I suggested Insulin to one of our Type 2 Friends whose body is going downhill complication-wise. He's afraid of needles and Insulin. :(

Two thumbs up for you!

My guiding principle, which I am thinking of having carved in stone: do what works! I use insulin because I requested it, not because it was recommended. I saw clearly that it was the only way to get the control I wanted, so I went to the doc and asked for it. Success or failure doesn't enter into the discussion for me. It's about using the best tool available to get the results I want. Simple as that. Full stop.