At the moment

although I feel like I've failed, I have no other option but to try again... I will one day get this right and hopefully not spend another day, night or minute looking back and wishing that I had tried harder, been stronger and enjoyed myself.
I am upset that I have T1D, how can I not be. But, I am mainly upset that I let it control me so much and make me lose faith and confidence in myself.
I wish there was a quick fix for how I felt right now but there isn't. Instead I have to face these feelings one by one as I deal with the 'regular' part of my life. And the 'regular' stuff are not that easty either. Instead it is also messy, complicated, frustrating and angering.
This is life... at least for now.

Keep the faith. We all have times like this when you feel like going into the garden and eat worms. It does get better. I am 85 and in spite of all the many ups and downs I like my life. Good luck to you. Reed

A lot of us had many years of very badly controlled diabetes. But we were able to turn that around. You can too. It's never too late. Watch Riva's video. One point she made was "don't beat up on yourself". So you have nothing to feel bad about. Success feeds on success. Just think about what you can achieve starting right now.

You haven't failed you just haven't figured out a winning strategy yet. Not winning isn't a loss until you stop trying to win. Winning comes with determination and you seem to have plenty.

Thank you SEAGATOR, Howie767 and Stemwinder! I really appreciate your kind and motivational words :)

I hate this...