Fasting BG 210. After exercising for 90 mts. Evenings sugar falls from 200 to 100 after exercise. How

Am 57. 6’ tall and weigh 100kgs/ 222 lbs.
Been a type 2 diabetic for 10 years.
My A1c touched 10 in jan.

After some lifestyle changes and some medication changes it has now come to 7.4
In July.
But my fasting BG is 210. Thisis after exercising for 90 minutes including walking, cycling, ellipticals etc.,
PP is 230. My fasting and pp were more or less same in Jan except that A1c was 10.

Nowadays ie after jan, I exercise again in the evenings when the sugar falls dramatically to 100.
Why is my fasting BG high ?
Why my sugar doesnt fall in the mornings when i exercise ?
Is it because my insulin secretion is on the decline ?
I take Doanil in the morning and evening before food. Glycomet after food.
My doc has given me Fenocor to increase insulin secretion.
How am i to know that if i have poor secretion or inefficient usage of insulin secretion ?

OR there any lifestyle changes that can help increase insulin secretion ?

Exercising, especially in the morning, can cause your liver to dump more glucose in response to the stress your body undergoes when exercising. Though this can happen at any time of the day, it’s more likely to happen in the morning when the liver is already dumping glycogen as part of gearing the body up for the day after sleep. You can try less strenuous exersise to see if this prevents a spike, or lowers you. I’m Type 1. Exercise sends me high & then low later.

Losing weight & lowering carb intake can help with insulin resistance. Your already doing lots of exercise & that’s great. As a Type 2, your situation is most likely insulin resistance.

What is your BG before you go to bed? Is the fasting reading significantly higher? Yep, your fasting is high because insulin isn’t bringing it into normal range.

Without tests, no one can tell you if your insulin is declining, your resistance is increasing, or what. The higher your BG, the more your beta cells will be working overtime & burning out.

The C-peptide test measures how much insulin you’re producing. A GAD antibody test measures if your pancreas is under attack. Many people are misdiagnosed & assumed to be a particular type by their doctors without these tests. Important to know so you’re receiving the proper treatment.

If the meds aren’t helping, you might consider discussing insulin with your doctor. Many Type 2s take small doses of insulin when meds fail. It’s the best thing you can do to bring your BG under control. Insulin also has the important benefit of preserving your beta cells.

If you don’t already, try eating a little something before your morning exercise. I know, it’s counter-intuitive, but if you have dawn phenomenon your liver is still dumping homemade glucose into your system and, as Gerri suggests, the stress of exercise adds to that. Eating first, oddly enough, stops that process.

You need to restrict your consumption of white rice and other high-carb food like idlis. Vadas are okay because they are made of channa dal. In fact, you should try to restrict your carbs to channa dal and other low-glycemic carbs. Increase your protein intake. Eat more eggs. If you eat meat, eat more meat and less rice. I don’t know if you have nutrition labels on foods in India but learn about carb content and protein content in the foods you eat and make sure you are not eating too many carbs.

Sounds ineresting Ellie.
Will try for a few weeks.
Arent u suggesting just half an apple or a pear or a slice of brown bread etc. NOT breakfast right ?

I stopped eating carbs especically like idly, rice etc.,
In the last six months I have become a vegetarian.
I eat largely vegetables and fruits - all available fresh.
No oil, No non vegetarian, No salt, No carbs ( except what you get in vegetables and fruits like apple, pears, less ripe pappaya, less ripe figs etc., )

When were u in INdia and which part ?

Well I eat my whole lunch before exercise, but lots of people don’t like to eat a whole breakfast right away in the morning, which is why I suggested just a little something. I think whatever works for your day would be fine.