Fat sensitivity when bolusing

I recently found out that I am "fat sensitive" when bolusing some of my meals. SO I was wondering if anyone could elaborate more on this. In other words if I eat sausage which is no carbs but over the 30% fat....how do or would I bolus for the fat. I am asking my dietician too but thought I get a quicker answer here?

any help/advice.

I am on the omnipod.

I suggest you join and read around on the TAGers United group. http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/tagers. TAG stands for Total Available Glucose. A dietician wrote a book that is now a bit dated. But the main idea this group uses is that 100% of carbs, 57% of protien and 10% of fat can be converted into glucose and effect your BG. Members have come up with different ways to count food and different way to bolus for it.

If I was to eat a good helping of sausage I would review the nutritional label (there is usually some carbs in sausage as filler). I would dose for the carbs and do an extended bolus for the fat/protein. How much and how long seem to vary on an individual digestion. But a decent place to start experimenting might be to dose for half the protein and it extend it for an hour.

Ty, I never heard of that acronym.... feeling even more annoyed at my nutritionist.

I follow the same game plan as Capin101. I also had never heard about TAGing before TuD. It's a game changer for keeping bg's flat :)

My understanding of nutrition is that the body will convert a percentage of protein into glucose, if needed. I also understand that if the body has access to enough carbohydrates then this protein into glucose conversion will be minimized or eliminated.

I eat a low carb diet, about 50 grams/day. I deliver immediate insulin for the small amount of carbs that I eat and then dose for a percentage of protein and fat delivered typically over a 2-5 hour period. I use a pump. My regimen is the result of my personal experimentation but this is the best overall BG control that I've had in my 29-year life with diabetes. I used the TAGgers group cited by Capin101 to develop my current routine.

What I don't know about is dosing insulin based on protein and fat when consuming just an occasional meal with limited or no carbs. I know it took about two weeks of consistent carb-limited eating for my body to consistently convert protein to glucose and burn fat. You could probably figure this out by running a personal experiment.

I remember when I consumed a large % of carbs in my diet and ate meals that also contained high fat, like pizza or Chinese, I had to add multiple corrective doses for up to 8 hours after eating.

It seem so overwhelming especially since I am new on the pump.... but thank you all for your posts. I have to definitely read more on the Tagers...just alot of posts....

Lilnance - Don't expect to receive much support from most dietitians if you want to follow a reduced and/or low carb way of eating to help control blood glucose. I'm not sure if that's your intention; please forgive me if I'm reading too much into your comments. The nutritionist/dietitian party line is for no less than about 130 grams/day of carbohydrates. Check out the Low Carb Dietitian for an alternative point of view.

Don't be overwhelmed. You have a lot to learn about how your body responds to the pump. The pump is a powerful tool that can give you flexibility and control. Take your time. All this information can wait for you! One day at a time. Each day just try to make things a little bit better than the last. Diabetes is a marathon, not a sprint!

Words to live by!! Diabetes is a marathon, not a sprint!
thank you terry!!!!

I was expecting to recieve a lot of support from my dietician/endo...they suggested the pump for my lifestyle but after a few setbacks in conversations yesterday.... I now KNOW I must not depend on anyone or anything but the "numbers" i do expect to live to see some grandchildren one day!!! TY again