Faux-pas on "Grey's Anatomy"? :/

Did anyone catch the faux-pas on “Grey’s Anatomy” last Thursday night? :confused:

Okay, I don’t know about having to immediately transplant an “islet cell making device” when a person is passed out due to a “hypoglycemia” (low blood sugar) situation!! Wouldn’t medical personnel treat that low blood sugar situation first BEFORE transplanting that device? A body doesn’t need MORE insulin with a device like that (if it only existed), right? Shouldn’t the writers have written the scenario as a “hyperglycemia” (high blood sugar) situation? That WOULD make more sense to me! [:wink:

What do you think? If you watched “Grey’s Anatomy”, you will remember this situation occured with a female Type One diabetic patient whose distraught husband was sitting nearby…

I’m really curious what other TuD members think…

Rebecca {;D

Sounds like they need to cough up the money for a medical consultant who knows something, anything, about diabetes.

Hello?!? ;0)


I was thinking the same thing last week! Even my husband, who is still a little ignorant to diabetes, was like “are you kidding me?” Plus- didn’t the surgery and implant seem so simple? I’d like to think that the producers would look to stay as close to real hospital protocal as possible!