Prison Break

I was watching this show and the lead actor was in prison faking that he had diabetes so that he could get in the infirmary and bust out of prison by using the grate and crawling through it. No way. The doctor was injecting him with insulin and he was not diabetic and then telling him his BG was 50! He was busy trying to buy a drug from a prisoner called an "insulin blocker" and I never heard of such a thing. He was doing all kinds of things with low blood glucose. I don't think so. I turned the show off.

Hmmm insulin broker? Is that like the stupid leading the stupid or what? Can anyone say Claus von Bülow?

Oh, I made a mistake, I meant to say he was trying to get the prison drug dealer to get him some INSULIN BLOCKER. What is that. We would not have hypoglycemia if there were such a thing. I think it is terrible that this show is giving bad information.

I hope that I am not confusing everyone. Did anyone see this show? I wonder if it is even possible to fake type 1. Don't they need records and tests. He was at the infirmary getting shots. Yikes.

It's a show...a fiction...a serial drama. These are not usually full of real life scenarios and facts that stand. That is okay because it's to entertain, not to educate. LOL @ insulin blocker and even more LOL at insulin broker!

Long term courses of large doses of steroids are pretty good at reducing insulin sensitivity. (Unfortunately!). I'm sure the prison drug dealer has lots of that!

OTOH a nice all-syrup super Slurpee might have the same effect (maybe not on a non-diabetic? A good chunk of insulin response in a non-diabetic is actually before bg begins rising, it's at least part proactive, not solely reactive to bg.)

By contaminating my fingertips with sticky syrup I can get a high bg reading on a fingerstick. Doing that to a venous sample, I do not have that experience.

Anyone who’s ever watched a show about anything they actually know anything about has similar comments… Try watching ER or Greys Anatomy with a doctor— television (including the news these days) is pretty much for entertainment only

Yes but... Wentworth Miller!

i cant imagine being any kind of hospital personnel watching any of those medical drama programmes. constant face palms, i bet!

I meant to say he was trying to get the prison drug dealer to get him some INSULIN BLOCKER. What is that
Type II diabetes.

One word: McGyver.

Whatta hunk :-)

don't body builders take insulin to increase muscle do they do it if they're not type 1's? do they just inject and then binge on a ton of food?

Yes, this is a series on Netflix. I really liked it until he pulled the diabetes thing, I have had type one since I was a boy. Okay no A1C, no blood tests " Are you sure you are insulin dependent? The doctor says as she sticks the needle in his arm and then, "hey your BG is 50 while he shakes a the window. Entertainment. I guess he could eat a pancake for breakfast or buy a candy bar. .

Worse yet, before he went in, he had the blueprint of the prison tattooed on his body so he knew he could bust both himself and his murderer brother out. Yikes.

He was a structural engineer. This was so he could escape through the drainage system! Hope he didn't fake a low during that and end up like Shawshank Redemption!

Ha ha!

Sounds crazy.. why don't they get better medical consultations when they make these story lines up?

Dave, You are so funny! Type II, never thought of it that way.