Faux Pas

I understand that there are a lot of people who are not educated about diabetes but come on! One of the most annoying things I have heard since I was diagnosed is "you have diabetes? Oh my grandpa has diabetes and he had to have both of his legs amputated." Major FAUX PAS!

Just like every non-diabetic is different, every diabetic is also different. Just because your brother, or you mama, or your daddy's mama, or your mama's mama, or your auntie has diabetes does not mean that they are like me nor am I like them. Yes...God made us equal, but we are still our own individual.

Treatment for diabetes is also the same. What may work for one does not always work for another. Being a baby diabetic means that I get to hear a lot of "try this." Luckily I am the type of person who goes into situations with an open mind. If someone suggests something to me I will usually research it and see if I will actually benefit from it. I have to admit though that there has been a lot of suggestions that could of wreaked habit on any diabetic's body.

Here is one of my favorite faux pas moment..." Wow! It would suck to have to live life with diabetes." Yes! Someone actually said that to me, and you are going to get a kick out of who said it. One day (actually one of the many days) I was having some blood work done at Lab Corp here in Ocala ( I am telling you the name of the lab so you can stay clear of this place) this phlebotomist who looked like she could be a perfect candidate of Type 2 diabetes ( I hate to judge, but it's true) stumbled into the room I was waiting to paitently to be "sticked" in. I like to think that I am pretty good at reading personalities, so from the start I knew I was in for a real treat. I automatically started smiling at her in hopes that she would jab me real hard with the needle. Unfortunally, she didn't smile back so I knew for sure then that this was going to hurt! Luckily the stick didn't hurt but what you are about to read really hurt! So here I was sitting in this chair with my arm out giving up 5 tubes of my sweet sweet blood and this lady starts asking me why I am having these tests done. Not that it was any of her business (especially since she is NOT my Dr. or a Dr. at all for that fact), but I shared my story with her hoping that maybe I could be an inspiration. Inspiration...I was not. Instead I was told how my life was going to suck now that I have diabetes. I was in shock, I was hurt, how could anyone be so mean? Needless to say, after my long talk with the regional manager followed by an email to CEO this lady is either in deep poo or fired! Do I feel bad? No, and I am happy about that.

So what does all this mean for you and me? It simply means think before you speak. Remember that people both diabetics and non-diabetics have feelings, and those feelings can be easily hurt.

Remember! Faux pas....NOT fox paws :o)