Favorite Foods

What are your favorite foods that you shouldn’t have but do anyway? For me I would have to say that donuts and chocolate usually get the better of me

I have a love/hate relationship with take-out Chinese food. Love to (over)eat it, hate the 14+ hours of blood sugar h.e.l.l. I go through afterwards.

I think I’d have to agree with you on the chocolate thing. Vending machines are not our friends!

On a regular basis ? I have none. I find a sugar free or low sugar substitute. On occasion, I’d go with the Chinese food or cheese cake !

Funny! Two of my faves are chocolate and cake (no icing) donuts. With a little trial and error, I’ve worked choc chips into my breakfast routine (you only need about 1 tsp to get the flava without too many calories or carbs)–on my yogurt or whole wheat waffle. And, I pretty much treat myself to a cake donut once a month. For me, 3.5 units of rapid-acting with a dual wave bolus over 45 minutes works wonders on the sugar and fat that are shoehorned into one little donut! The only fave food I can’t really work in–at least in the quantities I’d love to chug–is whipped cream. Love that stuff. But absolutely don’t need those saturate fat calories. Now I’m craving chocolate and donuts …

I would have to say pasta and chocolate cake.I buy regular pasta instead of low carb because a lot of times I don’t have the money for the better stuff.I pay for it in the end if I don’t watch how much of it I eat.Chinese is also one of my favorites.I’m not too much for the junk a lot.

For Me its French Frys…And Peanut or Almond M&M"s… I’m actually eating some m&ms now…30 carbs for 1 bag…so i eat 1/2 today & other 1/2 tomorrow… I hope… LOL

I love Lay’s pot chips. We don’t even buy them anymore. If I make a cake or anything we have a rule that it can stay in the house for a day then I send it to the office with hubby. I also like chocolate and every once in a while (every month or so) I’ll have a Hershey chocolate bar. I bolus and the BGs seem to do pretty well.

Have you all noticed it is not as much about having willpower as it is about having a plan?

I have found pillsbury mini brownies. You can make 6 at a time which works out great as there are 3 of us at home so it means a serving for each of us (150 cal, 25 carbs). I get my chocolate, junk food fix but there are not any left around to tempt me to eat more.

Anything with chocolates on it… aaah yes, chinese food and the native rice cakes delicacies from my home country…Suddenly I will have diabetes selective memory =)

Hello my name is Don and I am a Chinese food junkie. I was working in San Francisco today and somebody made a run to China Town… and brought back a box of steamed pork buns… I was in heaven then in trouble !!! I love pork buns !!!

First of all I want to say that there is no such thing as “forbidden foods” however there are foods that diabetics should eat in moderation. Mine is five cent candies… especially the ones with the sour sugar on them… or chips… I at times eat too many potato chips.

milk, pumpkin, banana - unfortunatelly they raise my BG :(((

Tortilla chips - I try and just crush a few on my chili or shredded Mexican beef for the flavor.
But then they taste so good I try some with salsa, and…

i think foods should never be forbidden, but they sure as heck shouldn’t be in your house because you might eat it all! I wish i could munch on a meal of tortilla chips and salsa! Eat a whole sara lee strawberry cheesecake! But the thing i really have to keep out of my house is sour patch kids, gummie worms, and sweet tea. I normally stay away from doughnuts, but please don’t leave cherry pastry tarts around or i’ll eat them all. And i can’t stay away from cookies, especially if they taste soooo goood with a side of milk. OR OMG candy coated popcorn that taste like fruity pebble explosion… Seriously being punished for loving sweets all my life!

Those bite-size chocolate candies. Just one won’t hurt right?