What food(s) do you have an ADDICTION TO?

Since becoming a Super Duper Type 2 Diabetic I have had to curtail or totally give up certain foods that truly loved. Several foods of mine are CHICKEN WINGS AND DRUMMIES, Cheesecake and french fries!

What are yours???

wings for sure and Nachos I am so having a hard time giving those up…lol

A friend of mine introduced lime flavored Lays potato chips to me…Then being in California it is custom to squeeze extra lime on top of foods including chips. The lime gave the chips such a tangy flavor that drove me nuts. I ate these chips for a about 2 weeks straight. I was purchasing 2 bags of chips every 2 days then I finally had to put an end to it because it was so ridiculous.

Here in Los Angeles we are moving into CHERRY SEASON!!!

I love CHERRIES! I can inhale a bag everyday. Of course this spikes my BS levels. I just go walking for an extra 2 miles.

Nachos!!! with Chicken and Guacamole!!! Dripping with gooey cheesy and meat salsa!!! Never had it…

I have been working on a low BS ice cream recipe with a friend of mine. It has been an interesting venture experimenting with the sugar alcohols and substitutes.

I am addicted to wings - but I haven’t given them up - they are carbless! Call me a kid - but my favorite food that I haven’t foiund a carb free solution for is a good snow cone or slush - haven;t been able to find sugar free syrups at fairs, etc. I LOVED eating them. Reminds me of childhood.

chocolate for sure , potatoe chips, M&M’s are my biggest down fall.

Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. I start the day with a mocha latte made of 1 cup strong coffee, 1 cup skim milk, 2 tsp. Splenda, and 2 Doves. My afternoon snack is 2 more Doves. Not going to give them up!

Bread, bread, bread and more bread. Esp. biscuits.


I’ve not given up anything that I like, I live by the deal of everything in moderation and its supported by the Canadian Diabetic Association (that and my diabetic dietitian was the one who got me thinking along those lines) … my mom also lives by this rule of thumb and she’s been diabetic for over 30 odd years.

Its not to say that my levels don’t at times get high, but the worst I’ve hit is mmol 14 [252] which isn’t as bad as I know other’s can get … but then again diabetes varies from person to person and what works for me doesn’t mean it will work for another person, just as i know what works for my mom 9 times out of 10 will not work for me and vice versa.

Also what is a “super duper type 2 diabetic”? that make no grammatical sense to me ::shakes head in confusion::

French fries, pizza, and yummy yummy lemon bars.

I have never heard of such!!!

Carrot juice is actually good for you…though it does taste funny.

Now I have heard of people using creamed corn for an aphrodisiac which is interestingly kinky…

My gosh I love lemon bars!!!

Okay so answer the question which foods are you addicted too? There has to be something that you like more than others???

Super Duper Type 2 Diabetic is what I have chosen to call myself…I like to think with all the health issues i have had to deal with that I have a decent coping mechanism that works for me…So I think I am Super Duper at what I do.

“Super Duper” is not suppose to be grammatically correct. It is a witticism of sorts. Not sure how those are dealt with in Canada since I am not familiar with the vernacular…Ya dig homey!!


Have you tried DaVinci sugar-free syrups? They have a lot of flavors. Torino is another brand.

You can buy it online Tom - otherwise you have to go to a health food store - or you could make your own (a pain in the butt I know). I have a bag that I haven’t gotten around to using because it is warm out and I have no taste for baked goods when it is warm (plus I am lazy! Haha!). But I have almond biscuits in my mind for when it gets chilly again. Muffins too!

But Gerri had the 411 on a cheap place to buy it online. You might want to send her a message.


I live in the boonies & my supermarket (Kroger’s) has almond meal in their health food section. Health food stores usually have it.

You can order almond flour on-line. www.honeyvillegrains.com has the best almond flour. I order quantity when they have sales. It freezes well.

Sometimes health food stores have almond meal in the refigerated section, but I don’t keep it refigerated. Bob’s Red Mill is the brand most supermarkets & health food stores have, but Honeyville is better & cheaper.

Almond meal is with the skins on. Almond flour is made from almonds with the skins removed. I like flour better.

Chest freezer is perfect. Almond flour doesn’t freeze solid.