What is the one thing (food or sweet's) you can't say no to? even if it causes high Bg's

I had to ask this question to see what everyone says...

The one thing I can not say no to would be Reese Piece’s Peanut Butter Cup. I can say NO to anything…but I can not say NO to my Reese’s…Gosh! I enjoy eating them…


For me it is anything that fits in the catagory of dessert! I have a really bad sweet tooth. I can usually control myself but for the most part I am a full time soldier fighting in the Sugar Wars! Ice Cream is my worst enemy. That is why I must keep it the closest! (insert evil laughter here)

LOL! The Sugar War’s…:slight_smile: Ice Cream…yum!!

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Mashed potatoes sounds great!!! I miss eating them along with corn bread!!!

I have found that I don’t miss candy. When I do eat candy because I am running low I find it so sweet that I feel sick to my stomach. I have found anything that has sugar in it is just much to sweet for me anymore.

I work in an office where people bring treats on their birthday. With 90 people, that adds up to a lot of treats. Mostly it’s bagels with cream cheese. Now, if I could limited myself to 1/2 of a giant bagel, I think I’d do okay - but I always take a whole one and that is just too many carbs to dump into my body in the morning (when I generally need more insulin anyway)

Only one thing?? hmmm …those Reese Peanutbutter cups surrrreeeee look good…but I would have to say the one thing I just can’t say no to is Pasta (or any Italian food!) with red wine…but lately I’ve been dying for a good chocolate cake with heaps of chocolate frosting!!

I’ve attempted to stay away from Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! One of my friends and I used to be able to devour those on girls’ night out during our college year. I know NOT to go near them now.
But, I must say, I can’t stay away from bagels. Actually, bread in general, I have a weakness for! I work on weekends and the summer at a drive thru coffee shop. We get fresh bagels in the morning. My job? To slice them! One dozen, fresh, still warm bagels! I must be a glutton for punishment! However, I have made myself a “compromise” of sorts. When I’m working at the coffee shop I tend to drop really low… So, on weekends my lunch becomes a whole wheat bagel sandwich. Ok, sometimes, it’s an “everything” bagel! With the low and constant motion of working a drive thru, my numbers after the bagel are still “normal”. BUT my compromise is that I ONLY eat a bagel on days that I’m at the coffee shop!
My dad also torments me…He has some sort of bread (hard rolls, garlic bread, sourdough) warmed up nightly for his dinner! I try to hide my glares as he tears through the pieces!

i cant say NO to donuts… especially with coffee… :slight_smile:
that’s my weakness… and chocolate cake too…

but i saw on Dlife, they have a recipe for a low carb chocolate cake, i guess i need to learn to bake, even just this recipe…lol…

yummy…a glazed donut sounds good right about now!!!

I am not much of a chocolate eater…lol

Bread!! yum! This post is making me want to “CHEAT” on my Friend…lol

Chocolate Ice Cream… Can’t live without it!

Most of my trouble in this arena is when I am away from home…chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, (and a margarita or 2,) high carb hors d’eouvres or dessert at a friend’s house, those fabulous tiny vanilla scones from Starbuck’s that someone is always bringing to work. At home it would have to be my morning coffee with 1/2 and 1/2. Oh, and bing cherries.

Pecan Pie!

donuts and zingers… man do I love sugary, bready goodness with a cream fillg… sigh

I miss them so…

October, November and December are the hardest months for me. There are so many of my favorite foods and traditions available i can/t help feeling very depressed over the diabetes. I guess the one thing that turns me into a sniveling, whinny whimp is carmel apples. thank God for insulin lol.

Oh Danny…I get weak in the knees around them, too. You can buy 3 packs of them already made in the grocery stores in some places! At least we can count them as a fruit serving!

Definitely cheese cake. A marble cheesecake is even better. A year ago, I completed a diet on which I lost almost 60 pounds. I did not reward myself with a single piece of cheese cake – I had 2.

More important – how many carbs in it?

Isn’t sad that we have to limit ourselves to these wonderful foods. Maybe the trick is just to have a bite…I can’t stay away from sugar in my coffee in the morning. I only have one cup but I still have to have sugar and cream. I must admit that I have chocolate at least once a week…