Favorite Glucose Tablets?!

Sour Apple!

whats yours?!

Skittles, mike and ikes

My fave are sour apple too without a doubt! =)


I prefer gel over tablets. If I must do tablets I prefer the watermelon ones from Reli-on. My favorite gel is the clear glucoburst cherry flavored gel.

I was just thinking about this too!

The tropical fruit medly by Reli-on, esecially the coconut. Have no idea what the other flavors are supposed to be, so there are no expectations.

Smarties - cheap and available in very big bags at W-Mart.

Haven’t tried other brands, but am looking forward to discovering them.

ugh I HATE glucose tabs dont remember the last time I ever used them…they make me wanna throw up.

I prefer the grape ones. :slight_smile:

I love the white BD ones. I’m not sure whether or not they still sell/make them, but I loved them at camp. But I love the watermelon ones.

I don’t use 'em. I keep sweet tarts on hand - 1 candy = 1 glucose tabs…and they taste a lot better (to me).

watermelon or sour apple
on occassion the toffee ones

If I HAVE to eat them (i.e., I’m dropping low really fast) I love the raspberry or grape. I grew up eaing the orange ones so much, til I physically get naseaus to eat them. And most of the time I get choaked on them (any flavor) because they’re so powdery. SO, I keep Airheads with me. I get a whole box from Sams. One is 14g of carbs, which is usually what I need to come up from a low by the time I catch it.

I used to get these ALL the time at camp too!!! I was a CIT, so whatever was left after camp, we got to get. The last year I was there, I got tons of boxes of them! Where’d you go to camp?

EWWWW, I hate the tablets, I prefer the liquid ones “Glucose Drinks” 15gm Lemon lime. But I do have a jar of grape tablets in my drawer and a set of two white BD!! Oh and I have a one pouch of the cherry liquid gel in my car glove box(Gluco Burst) which I received as a free sample and never had a chance to use it yet! :slight_smile:

Check this sheet that I found
7523-DH_FastActingProducts_0809.pdf (191 KB)

i’ve never eaten a glucose tablet! or… anything like that. none of the gel, either. are they worth it?

Not that much, but for me I keep them where I need them, just in case of an emergency, I usually treat my lows with Juice or candy!

For example if you were driving on the highway and had a low, what will you do? My self will use the gel that I have in the glove box. Or if I was walking on campus, usually I will have something in my bag a liquid or tablet. Since I think they don’t expire! Correct me if I was wrong, I looked at a tablet jar and didn’t find any EXP date?!

Raspberry for me.

Where do you find the Toffee one? I can not find them anywhere. I loved them.

I got for the small swedish fish because I can swallow them and I don’t have to chew them.

Lemon and lime, almost makes me want to go low…