Glucose Tabs - Flavors?

Most of my life, I’ve shied away from glucose tabs. When I was a kid, they were these big chalky white things (BD - ugh!) that I could barely choke down. But I joined the g-tab bandwagon finally about a year ago and am now intrigued by the new flavors I find.

I’ve never been a grape or cherry person. I like the orange ones a lot and have found watermelon ones (only at CVS). The sour green apple are awesome and I don’t understand why I can only ever find them in 10-packs everywhere I look. I’d love to try strawberry and found them today on a wholesale website and ordered them. Since I don’t like the grape and cherry, I’ve yet to try the assorted flavor jars. There’re always pineapples and coconuts on the packaging though.

This morning, I hit 47 and downed 9 little butterscotch flavored ones. It was an interesting, subtle flavor I hadn’t tried before. Package says it’s a new flavor.

So my questions are:
1. What flavors do you love?
2. What flavors do you hate?
3. And what flavor do you wish they would make?

I like the fruit punch flavor, and orange too. They’re the only flavors I’ve had, though.

Butterscotch sounds good! I love butterscotch! I’ll have to hunt those up!

They were at my local CVS, if you have that pharmacy nearby.

Yep, sure do! Thanks!

I like the sour apple, raspberry, toffee, and watermelon.

Favorite flavors are watermelon and raspberry. Coconut is interesting, too.
Not a big fan of orange.
I would love to see chocolate – maybe not. They should be used for necessity, not necessarily for enjoyment.

I prefer the little glucose shots. So far I have only found them in the lemon lime and berry flavors. I much prefer the berry flavored ones.

In South Africa, glucose tabs are sold as sweets under the brand “Super-C”. I always enjoyed them as a kid, and still do. They’re sold in rolls of about 12 sweets.

I like naartje/tangerine, grape, and mixed berry. I’m less wild about strawberry and orange.

I love sour apple. I’m used to orange.
I tried butterscotch and hated it.
I’d like another sour flavor of some sort. Something along the line of sour Skittles.

hey I have been using these for quite a while now been type 1 for 31 yrs now I like the orange and the raspberry. I would like ti try a chocolate-mint flavor or even coffee! do not think they are made as of yet! mary ann


I get sour green apple flavor at Sam’s…it comes with 2 big plastic bottles with a ten roll bonus with
it…great for refilling…


My personal favorite is the Tropical Fruit flavor (available at Wal-Mart and Duane Reade stores) – I wrote about those in my blog post at, but I’ve tried the toffee flavor and thought those were OK, too. But I hate the orange, grape or cherry flavors … those taste like chalk!

I love the Grape, Sour Apple, Watermelon.

I haven’t ran across a flavor I don’t like

I wish they would make Cream Soda

Melissa, I like love the lemon and lime you can find them at Wal Mart in the assorted fruit also has orange and oops cherry may ve a killer for you. I am also not a bigfan of the cherry but worth it to get the lemon and lime. You are right the sour green apple is awesome but have not been able to find them for a while.

I like the mint idea.
Hate the green apple ones.
Like the tropical fruit from WalMart.

I found the sour apple ones in single packs at Walgreens the other day. I tend to go with the standard orange. I’ve never tried the watermelon or strawberry. I hate cherry and the grape ones just aren’t that flavorful in my opinion.

I love the fruit punch ones! Orange is alright. I’ve had the grape, and they remind me of cough medicine from when I was a kid… Never even seen the cherry ones, but I tend to like cherry stuff

I avoid glucose tabs at all costs. :wink:

UPDATE: Received the “strawberries and cream” ones I ordered from diabeticexpress. YUMMY!!! They taste like candy. And the best part is that they’re QUICK DISSOLVING and just melt in your mouth in more of a cotton candy-esque way. I can chew one up in half the time as the regular tabs. It’s a Dex4 product. I hope they come out with more flavors in the quick dissolve!

I like the tropical fruit, orange and raspberry…Lately I’ve been using smarties since I can get
a whole bag for $1.99 and they seem to work just as fast as the glucose tabs. I have seen the glucose shots, but have yet to try those.