Glucose tablets brands: reviews

Hi everybody! Longtime lurker here. I’ve been using Livesavers Gummies Wild Berry flavor for lows. Here’s the deal: I realized my teeth were really getting yellow. Snap! It’s the dye! It’s been a long time since I shopped for glucose tabs. Advice on tastes of different brands? I know most are yuck TIA!

Dottie Love, Texas
53 yrs Type I, no major complications except hypo unawareness

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Some time ago I used Dex, and then the price went absurdly high, so I started sampling others. I found several, but one was too hard, or too chalky, but I found the following the right combination of taste, texture, and price, and it also comes in orange flavor too. Besides Amazon, I think Walmart sells them.

I use Relion glucose tablets from Walmart. They are $3.98 for 50 or $7 for 2x50. Available in several flavors, orange, grape and tropical fruit.

I like the relion brand, the berry flavors and fruit punch. If I was not pwd I might even eat them anyway, lol. Most of the time I drink juice. Sometimes smarties too.

Most of the time I use jelly beans from Costco, put into old RX bottles in various places.
Also like the CVS brand SOFT glucose tablets, in chocolate marshmallow flavor. (Especially when I get at no cost after accumulating enough points from prescriptions!).

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I’ve tried the Relion as well but was unhappy with the experience. I’m not certain, but I think they were to chalky and/or too hard.

Something that I’ve found to be a problem with glucose tabs, and also many other types of fast sugar, is that they are short-lived. They can raise my BS quickly, but it often comes down later quickly.

What I use for lows, but lose their effectiveness quickly

  • Glucose tabs
  • Bananas
  • Dried Apricots
  • Jam

Less healthy, but the mix of carb, fat, protein, means they have a longer curve:

  • Low-fat ice cream
  • Cookies

Also, I have tried CLIF bar - BLOKS Energy Chews, but found them too chewy, but the idea, energy supplkes that are used by athletes, might be an option.

@Dottie_Love1, I use Sweet Tarts. A roll has 27 tablets. I divide into three sections and put in tiny craft zip lock bags. Each 1/3 roll has 9 tablets which is 15 gms of carbs, the standard diabetic rescue.

Hope this helps.

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I find that after growing up on the disgusting cola-flavored, plastic bubble individually encased B-D chalk blocks … that my bar for glucose tabs is VERY, VERY low.

ANYTHING is better than those were.


I use the raspberry flavored ones from CVS…I usually stock up when I have a 30% of entire purchase coupon. They’re not chalky and they taste great. I also find that the glucose tabs actually work way faster than the butterscotch lifesavers I used to use.

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According to this, you should have used them to test your sugar level.

Which says…
BD glucose tablets are another modern way that a lot of doctor’s offices are checking for blood glucose levels. They are able to use the BD glucose tablets and check urine in order to find out what your sugar level is.

I use carb gel. You can get gu or cliff at Rei stores.
Also any sports place like big 5.
The reason people like them is they are longer lasting than glucose tabs or coke etc.
however I find the act very fast and work very well for me.
They are portioned and if I’m low I eat one or 2 and I’m fine in a couple of minutes generally.
They are pretty cheap generally around a dollar each.
I keep them in my cars and at work, and around the house.
Now that I’m on cgm I don’t need them so much

I love the Costco Jellybelly jelly beans and put them in small zip bags. Another thing you can get at Costco is the Mott’s gummy fruit snacks already in small bags. Both are way cheaper, tastier, and just as effective as glucose tabs!

Smarties…one roll = one Glucose tablet for me. Identical glucose content. 5 lbs. from Amazon costs around $15 US, lasts me a year or more. Easy to dose exactly the amount needed.