Glucose tabs

Just curious… what flavors of glucose tabs are there out there? Thank you :slight_smile:

Orange, grape, raspberry, sour apple, watermelon (my current favorite), mixed berry. My local area Walgreens only stock their brand and only in orange. I had to start ordering my glucose tabs online to break it up a bit. The orange Walgreens stuff is exactly the same as the CanAm product (Dex4). How many different factories are going to make a killing in the glucose tab market?

My favorite vendor is:

i use glucotabs chewable raspberry, but i havent tryed many others… if you can resist temptation you could try using sweets if you havent already :slight_smile:

You guys are really funny. We have lots of different colored glucose tabs available in stores around here, but they all seem to have the same flavor ;“chalk.”

But seriously, all the major tabs are made with glucose, D-glucose, also called dextrose. There are a number of “candies” made from exactly the same thing, precisely controlled in size and developed for taste. Many people like Smarties.

So as biggleton notes, candies are ok, just look for ones that are made with dextrose.

ps. For smarties, each roll is 6 g carbs, with 0.4 g carbs per smartie tablet.

I use skittles myself. Your right bsc the other things taste like chalk to me.

Walmart has orange and berry. Berry flavor is good. Watermelon and raspberry.

A question to you guys. Why is the paste and the liquid glucose so much more expensive? I have never tried the paste as I think it would be like eating off a cake decorating tube LOL :):slight_smile:

IDK. It looks like ppl are out to make a buck off you. I keep cake icing in all the rooms in my house just incase. Them I NEVER think of them. Like last night if I had looked I would have found some in the livingroom but NO I had to run to the cubbort for something else! LOL!

Pauly maybe using the paste or liquid in the tube, you get probably double the amount you would get from the tablets? Maybe?

I also use Skittles or smarties (any color! LOL)
The most common flavors are grape, lemon, orange and raspberry.
There is one I tried flavored “Tropical fruit”…Beware! Not a very pleasant experience…taste-wise.

I’ve found that if you wait too long to open the Walgreens glucose tablets, it looks like they’ve been slightly used, all pitted & not pretty at all. Kind of like after putting something through the washing machine, er, No, I didn’t, they were a week in my back pack. Walmart on the other hand has the better stuff, and in mass quantities (bigger bottles not the thin rolls of 10).

I like mixed tropical fruit. I get it at Riteaid.

To each his own, but I happen to LIKE glucose tabs. They taste fine, they’re easy to carry around and the measured doses help me get a low under control without overcompensating.


I like Tropical Punch flavor - like Kool-Aid. I aslo use the Sour berry (not really sour) 1G bits if I only need a few carbs to to add to a 4G tab. These are good too.

Does the glucose tabs remind anyone of Sweet & Sours candy? I think that’s why I find the guys at work taking them on me.

I hate the gels. They are gross! I usually get Orange glucose tabs, but I have seen cherry, raspberry and I have gotten green apple before. I keep the rolls that hold 10 in my purse, in everyone’s vehicle in my household, and in my desk. I keep a large container in the kitchen to refill those rolls with.

I like the Grape flavored Dex4, sometimes walking around my house I pop one just because I find them tasty. lol

CVS has a variety of flavors.

Oh I hated the chalk taste as a kid. I thought there was a gel tube of something equating to 10 carbs at some point. With mild fluxuations in mind something like smarties would be good. Why wouldnt tab makers get the hint?

I don’t mind them either. After years of over treating and the subsequent roller coaster, I got the tabs because I could calculate a serving of 16 units and control my intake. That is, of course, when I’m still in here and can control what’s going on. I’ve had times when I come to awareness standing in front of the fridge, well, you know the rest.

Using the tabs makes it a lot easier to control the correction. Also, the dextrose get used much more quickly. When I did juice I found the fructose could take a while to get into my system and I would over treat. I’ve got bottles and tubes of glucose tablets everywhere. Just about every room, at the office on my desk and in my drawers.

Yes. I think of that often. The formulations seem to be somewhat different from lot to lot. Sometimes they taste better than others.